Eight Issues You Have to Know (However Most likely Don’t)

“The system can’t be fastened by the system.” ~Tom Morello

It’s of the primary order of significance to recollect this: “the system can not be fastened by the system.” It might probably solely be fastened by the resistance of wholesome, cheap, imaginative, educated, compassionate and non-violent people. It might probably solely be fastened by individuals who have re-conditioned their cultural conditioning, un-matrixed the Matrix, ninjaneered their statist indoctrination, and unwashed their political brainwash.

All of this regardless of uncomfortable cognitive dissonance, myopic tribal affiliation, and blind nationalism.

In brief: the system can solely be fastened by individuals who have dared to take a leap of braveness exterior the field of the system itself, after which double-dogged dared themselves to achieve data that undermines the unhealthy system whereas proactively constructing a more healthy system.

1.) The enlargement of imperial warfare undermines freedom:

“On the finish of the chilly warfare we may have diverted tax {dollars} to the standard of our lives, issues like well being care, schooling, infrastructure, eliminating poverty, and defending towards local weather change. Alas, the peace dividend by no means occurred. Why not? As a result of the navy, and individuals cashing in on the navy, like weapons producers and their lobbyists in Congress didn’t wish to. That’s why. Solely Eight % of Individuals polled in 2014 wished the USA to guide the world navy. However that Eight % gained out. That’s plutocracy.” ~Ted Stanford, WWII Navy Veteran

If slavery is the other of freedom, then warfare might be its inverse. It’s easy: human beings can’t be free when different human beings are threatening them with weapons and bombs.

To the extent that weapons and bombs are essential is barely in a defense-minded sense. In any other case, using weapons and bombs is simply chilly, calculated, murderous and offensive, warfare. It is just essential if the Non-aggression precept has been violated and the lack of human life is at stake. Then, and solely in a defensive sense, is using bombs and weapons essential.

The issue with warfare at this time is that it isn’t defense-minded however offense-minded. It’s constructed upon an imperialist agenda and a money-making warfare machine that’s bolstered by a battle towards phantom-terrorism that can not be gained. It seeks energy and the management of pure sources, normally on the expense of harmless lives. In brief: it’s offensive and overreaching and never conducive to wholesome and free human beings.

2.) The bloated navy funds undermines freedom:

“As soon as weapons had been manufactured to battle wars. Now wars are manufactured to promote weapons.” ~Arundhati Roy

The principle purpose the warfare machine is so offensive and overreaching is due to the bloated navy funds. Exacerbated by war-profiteering corporations like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, the U.S. navy is bigger than the following seven militaries on the planet, mixed!

Let that sink in. World military spending totaled greater than $1.6 trillion in 2015. The U.S. accounted for 37 % of that complete. If that’s not a bloated navy, I don’t know what’s. It’s time to cut back. It’s time to see the navy industrial complicated for what it truly is: a terrorist producing warfare machine propped up by profiting weapons producers.

The propaganda machine that the navy industrial complicated makes use of to persuade its residents that it wants more cash relies on myopic nationalistic satisfaction that imagines the cash goes to our courageous navy women and men. Nothing may very well be farther from the reality. It goes towards $200 million B-52 bombers and defective F-35 fighter jets costing $400 billion every. Every! That’s the top of madness. Simply think about what use that cash may go in direction of.

And but all of us simply go about our day imagining that the federal government is aware of finest. In the meantime, our schooling system falters, our well being care is being eroded, and our infrastructure crumbles. We will now not see the error of our methods. As Noam Chomsky mentioned, “The overall inhabitants doesn’t know what’s taking place, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know.” And right here we’re, not even caring that we don’t know.

3.) The continuous bailing out of Huge Banks undermines freedom:

“The federal rescue of Wall Road didn’t repair the financial system – it created a everlasting bailout state primarily based on a Ponzi-like confidence scheme. And the worst could also be but to come back.” ~Matt Taibbi

Bailing out Wall Road was the final word bait-and-switch. It seems that we’ve all been bamboozled. This mafia-esc, multi-layered, lie-upon-lie shit-cake goes so deep that it fooled congress twice into consuming it –hook, line, and sinker. This article goes into element about it.

The most important downside with the bail out, aside from that it has additional entrenched the Too Huge to Fail banking system, is that it has made mendacity on behalf of probably the most corrupt banks the official coverage of the USA authorities.

This undermines freedom as a result of it not solely permits energy to develop into absolute, it permits energy to deprave completely. There have to be checks and balances on energy. Particularly energy over individuals’s lives. Unchecked energy tends to develop into tyrannical energy. Tyrannical energy tends to develop into evil. Failed techniques must be allowed to fail lest failure be confused with success in some Orwellian double-spoken manner.

4.) Overreaching offense-minded policing undermines freedom:

“The legislation is an opinion with a gun.” ~Stefan Molyneux

Wholesome policing is an extension of wholesome self-defense. Self-defense turned violent and overreaching is now not about self-preservation. Equally, policing turned violent and overreaching is now not about defending and serving. Violence ought to solely ever be utilized in self-defense and by no means as a way towards imposing one’s values, guidelines, or legal guidelines onto others, irrespective of how standard they’re.

Protection-minded policing should stay a core philosophy if a police drive intends to be an ethical establishment. The answer will not be extra ill-trained offense-minded police with an excessive amount of energy, however extra well-trained defense-minded police with simply sufficient energy (an influence with built-in checks and balances in place to forestall energy from corrupting). In brief: an entire eradication of the Skinny Blue Line is so as.

The underside line is that no single individual ought to have as a lot energy as a cop has. No one must be allowed to be choose jury and executioner on the street. To the extent {that a} defense-minded cop has energy, it must be checked and balanced by the individuals who pay for the policing, first, and by different defense-minded cops, second. And all cops must be held to a better customary exactly due to the immense energy that they wield.

Till we are able to obtain a stage of civilization the place we’ve all developed to some extent the place voluntarism and the non-aggression precept are second nature, the most effective various is defense-minded policing that doesn’t offensively overreach its energy by shoving its gun down everybody’s throat.

5.) The corrupt electoral system undermines freedom:

“In case you vote, you haven’t any proper to complain.” ~George Carlin

The electoral course of has cemented into place a system of legalized bribery. Elections have develop into auctions. They’re ridiculously overrated and flawed to start with. They appeal to energy hungry egomaniacs at finest and warmongering sociopaths at worst. It’s time to usher in a brand new system of appointing leaders.

The issue is our selections are restricted as a consequence of bi-partisan claptrap. Our determination appears to be “vote” or “not vote” which is influenced by state manipulation, cultural conditioning, and entrenched political propaganda with corrupt lobbying that creates divisiveness.

However there’s a third possibility. We will “elect” to suppose exterior the poll field. We will “elect” to take cash out of politics. We will “elect” to have an entire electoral system reboot. We will “elect” to implement a sortition system that lotteries-in leaders from an meeting of genuine leaders and prestigious elders and votes-out dangerous leaders. We will “elect” to plot a system that makes use of impeachment extra typically than it makes use of aggrandizement.

Certainly. We will “elect” to not elect a president in any respect, as a result of we don’t want a scapegoat-puppet who’s hamstrung by lobbyists, companies, and bankers for a “chief.” We simply want genuine leaders and prestigious elders –plural; chosen randomly from a aggressive meeting of different genuine leaders and prestigious elders. That may get the job performed simply high-quality, whereas additionally stopping scapegoating and the rise of psychopaths.

6.) Despotic management undermines freedom:

The management of data is one thing the elite all the time does, notably in a despotic type of authorities. Data, data, is energy. In case you can management data, you’ll be able to management individuals.” ~Tom Clancy

The chain of command. The chain of obedience. Allegiance to authoritative hierarchies. Prime-down management. These types of “management” have completely failed us as a species. They’ve solely ever led to unhealthy inflexible order – creating robots, pawns, and sheep; which has solely ever led to pointless wars waged between robots, pawns, and sheep who by no means had the braveness to query authority. As Mark Passio surmised, “Order followers are the those that maintain the system of slavery in place.”

The chain of command isn’t even management. It’s despotic followership. It’s grossly outdated. They don’t practice followers how one can develop into leaders, they practice followers how one can stay followers by means of rank and file. A real chief should break rank sooner or later in an effort to develop into such, in any other case he/she is barely a “chief” by authoritarian dictate, or based on some myopic and vacuous rank.

True leaders can’t be managed; they study, by means of self-mastery, by means of the teachings of different leaders, from Ache and Nature, how one can self-discipline themselves. True leaders don’t comply with energy; they learn to flip the tables on energy, even their very own, in order that energy doesn’t corrupt.

True leaders don’t kowtow to tyranny or authoritarian rule; they try and dismantle it, regardless of the “rank and order” that props it up. Due to this fact, a real chief is a bottom-up chief who has the braveness and the wherewithal to query the despotic top-down chain of obedience.

Strict obedience to authority on the expense of non-public freedom have to be thwarted. This requires brave bottom-up leaders to throw a wrench into the equipment of the so referred to as “chain of command.”

7.) Hoarding and shortsighted distribution undermines freedom:

“The issue with the Western world is surplus manufacturing. We’re in surplus manufacturing in virtually each space. However there’s a horrible distribution system the place individuals across the globe undergo and die from hunger. This can be a distribution downside, not a manufacturing downside.” ~John Ralston Saul

Excessive poverty and hunger are avoidable on this age of maximum surplus. The utter failure of our distribution system undermines freedom. It prevents individuals from thriving as a result of they’re expending all their important power on merely surviving.

If, as Harry Frankfurt mentioned, “From the standpoint of morality, it isn’t vital that everybody ought to have the identical. What’s morally vital is that every ought to have sufficient,” then it behooves us, as each cheap and ethical human beings, to ensure that we every have sufficient by fixing the corrupt system of distribution.

The deeper psychological downside is that we consider that our sense of value is wrapped up in how expert we’re at one thing, as a result of we had been raised and conditioned in a tradition that values competitors over cooperation. This creates ego-centric specialists involved solely with narrow-minded one-upmanship over open-minded compassion.

However we’re social creatures, firstly. We want one another to outlive. Competitors has all the time been secondary to cooperation; in any other case we wouldn’t have survived as a species (Darwin).

So, our value is definitely wrapped up in how a lot we take care of one another. The issue is that we’ve had the cart (competitors) in entrance of the horse (compassion) for too lengthy. It’s time we bought the horse again in entrance of the cart. This will probably be an arduously Herculean process, contemplating our cultural conditioning. However it is rather vital, for the survival of our species, that we get it proper.

8.) Statism itself undermines freedom:

“On the core of all well-founded perception, lies perception that’s unfounded.” ~Ludwig Wittgenstein

How are you aware if you’re a statist? You’re a statist if you happen to consider that you simply want a ruler to rule over you, if you happen to consider that you simply require permission to be free, if you happen to blindly worship a flag, and if you happen to consider that violence is the reply to fixing issues.

Because it stands, the USA lives in an oligarchic state disguised as a democratic republic. Since a large quantity of wealth is concentrated within the fingers of some, we’re unable to take care of a wholesome horizontal democracy. As a substitute, we’re compelled to take care of the snake of an unhealthy vertical democracy which has the diabolical snakehead of oligarchic plutocracy.

If we lived inside a horizontal democracy, we might have a greater likelihood at being free. No masters, no rulers, and no likelihood for energy to develop into concentrated within the fingers of some. As Edward Abbey mentioned, “Since few males are sensible sufficient to rule themselves, even fewer are sensible sufficient to rule others.” Simpler mentioned than performed, positive, however as Spinoza mentioned, “All issues wonderful are as troublesome as they’re uncommon.”

When it comes all the way down to it, it’s unattainable to stay freely inside a plutocratic state. The plutocrats will merely proceed shopping for up energy by creating oppressive legal guidelines and “authorized” extortion rackets that maintain the individuals with out wealth and energy in a everlasting state of poverty and powerlessness. Add to that using lobbyists and a fiat foreign money primarily based on debt, and you’ve got a nation of hoodwinked debt slaves (tender slavery) beneath the delusion that they stay in a free democratic republic.

It’s time to resolve upon the one alternative that basically issues: Free human, or indoctrinated statist; uncomfortable freedom, or snug slavery. The selection is yours.

And if the overreaching state ought to proceed to make use of violence towards us, then we plant our heels deep into the bottom, we lay our shields low, and we declare to the Powers That Be, as Henry David Thoreau did: “I used to be not designed to be compelled. I’ll breathe after my very own vogue. Allow us to see who’s the strongest.”

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