• Captain America’s To-Do List

    Source After being frozen for quite a long time, Captain America reviews a rundown of social things, individuals, and occasions that he needs to learn to assimilate into present day society. In any case, depending upon where you viewed the movie, you may have seen an alternate list. MoreReport Item navigation Previous submission Next submission […] More

  • Tony Stark Total Net Worth is $12.4 billion

    Tony Stark, also called Iron Man, barely pushes out Wayne in the clash of very rich person playboys. Interestingly, while Forbes positions Stark’s riches in front of Batman, the distribution records Stark Industries’ income ($20.3 billion) as not as much as that of Wayne Enterprises. Credit it to Wayne’s unbelievable magnanimity. Buy now MoreReport Item […] More

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    6 Things You Didn’t Know About Sumerians (Probably)

    The birthplaces of Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia are still bantered about today, yet archeological confirmation shows that they built up approximately twelve city-states by the fourth thousand years B.C. These for the most part comprised of a walled city commanded by a ziggurat—the layered, pyramid-like sanctuaries related to the Sumerian religion. Homes were built from […] More

  • Legal System

    Most of the world (except for custom-based law nations) utilizes Roman Law because of its universal applicability. Nonetheless, the Romans weren’t the first individuals to come up with a codified legal system. The ancient Sumerians were the world’s first people to have a code which was thoroughly connected all through the society in order to […] More

  • Beers and other Thing we used today

    Source Along with inventing writing or cuneiform, the wheel, the plow, law codes and writing, the Sumerians are likewise recognized as some of history’s original brewers. Archeologists have discovered confirmation of Mesopotamian beer-making dating back to the fourth millennium B.C. The preparing systems they used are still a mystery, however, preferred ale seems to have […] More

  • Sexagesimal – World’s First Maths System

    Source Sumerian mathematics is based on a complex sexagesimal numbers system created around 4,000 BC. The Sumerians were likely the first people to understand the capability of utilizing fingers to count. The system utilized a counting method which engaged in twelve knuckles on one hand and five fingers on the other. The Sumerians made the […] More

  • Cuneiform – First writing system

    Source We don’t really know for certain whether Sumerians were the world’s first people who could write yet the Sumerian writing system is the oldest on the planet, so it’s safe to assume that they were. The system was known as “cuneiform” script; rather than paper, which wouldn’t be invented in China for a while, […] More

  • Lunar Calendar – Origin of astronomy

    Source The Sumerians were among the first cosmologists, mapping the stars into sets of heavenly bodies, huge numbers of which made due to the zodiac and were additionally perceived by the ancient Greeks. They were additionally mindful of the five planets that are noticeable to the naked eye. The Sumerians of Babylon were likely the […] More

  • First Human Know Civilization

    Source It is said that human civilization as we probably aware it started in ancient Sumeria. Many people agree that it was the first civilization on the planet. Antiquated Sumer has a standout amongst the broadest and imperative in the known history. One of the most established creation stories was found composed on a clay […] More

  • Tribe

    Source Tribe allows you to watch your favorite show live via live-stream. These unique features elevate Tribe from other similar streaming services. You can view a live streaming schedule of Tribe here. They also offer alongside with live-streaming on-demand Asian Drama. Premium service starts at  ₱30 per month only. Buy now MoreReport Item navigation Previous […] More

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