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"Aliens fly to Earth on a enterprise journey to check humanity"

  • Blogger Gennady Ozerov says : “ As soon as I occurred to fulfill with one one who claimed that he, a citizen of one of many alien states, and on the Earth is on a enterprise journey, to check us and our lifestyle.” He appeared completely regular, and any doubts about his psychological ailing well being didn’t come up.A little bit uncommon coloration of pores and skin and eyes, after which, in case you take an excellent look.

    To my query about what pursuits him most in our life, he answered that just one phenomenon is a meals chain. The very fact is that they’ve on the planet, every little thing is sort of related to what’s occurring right here.Every thing is boring, extraordinary, easy and comprehensible. They reside the identical manner, states and persons are related, even customs and traditions differ little. The one and putting distinction, from our earthly routine way of life is that every one beings on the planet are of just one sort.

    Everyone seems to be clever, has his personal guidelines and methods of dwelling, nationality, pores and skin coloration – however all of them are vegetarians, and eat just one single product that grows in nature, known as “vegetable”. Though the plant flora may be very wealthy in them on the planet and is numerous, however the animal fauna consists of just one form of creature – two arms, two legs, and a head. Nothing particular. Solely the meals chain they lack, competitors too.

    All simply sufficient for years to come back. They reside, are born and die in a pure manner, or from illness. There are not any gods or leaders both. All of one another is revered, beloved and trusted. The state is an easy territorial combination of people that know one another effectively – on cultural, linguistic and nationwide grounds. And they don’t have enmity, as a result of it by no means arose.
    Then I requested what’s most incomprehensible to him in our earthly aggressive relations, and our meals chain. The reply shocked me. He answered – that to them that, from the skin all it’s clear, it’s not clear why we don’t perceive this phenomenon. And the extra clever beings on our planet, the much less they perceive it.
    What a information! Then I requested him to elaborate on the ideas. Then he started to say:
    “In your planet, the entire life system is constructed on the precept that, with out exception, all organisms, for the continuation of their life and copy, use different related organisms as gas, utilizing them immediately as meals, preliminarily killing them, or utilizing them not directly. it’s in a sure sequence and in a sure manner, known as a “meals chain”.
    In actual fact, the meals chain is a technique that appears like pyramids, with sure steps, every of which represents one form of organisms. These sorts of organisms that feed on are at a better degree than these which might be fed. In nature, there all the time comes a stability of plenty or inhabitants numbers, between the levels of meals pyramids, the place the decrease steps are all the time broader than the higher ones.
    People who find themselves dwelling organisms are not any exception. They, too, are a part of the frequent pure meals pyramids, with their hierarchical ranges of their intraspecific pyramids. In different phrases, if the interspecies pure meals pyramids are, because it had been, completely created by nature, then contained in the human species, there are pyramids of dynamic sort, because the topics of the higher and decrease pyramid steps are representatives of the identical species, they will transfer from the decrease levels of the pyramids, within the higher and vice versa.
    As a result of distinctive organic adjustments (mutations) within the surroundings of the human species, there have been adjustments within the features within the pyramids of the human species. Direct use by organisms of the higher levels, the organisms of the decrease levels, has been partially changed by quite a lot of oblique use of organisms. However the ideas of this haven’t modified, and the regularities of the pyramids haven’t modified.
    Shaped giant hierarchical pyramids contained in the human species, started to carry out the features of the pure meals pyramid, as a result of there are not any different relationships in nature besides “meals” and copy. If, it’s good to take a more in-depth look, to such well-known hierarchies throughout the human species. Akin to energy, monetary, army, police, political, social, cultural, non secular, industrial and public. All this reminds of synthetic types of pure meals pyramids.
    All actions within the closing evaluation are lowered to the dominance of the people of the higher levels above the people of the decrease levels, to be able to guarantee life exercise and copy throughout the limits of the occupied step in hierarchies. That’s, every species degree of pure meals pyramids, roughly corresponds to the degrees of intraspecific human hierarchical pyramids. And the conduct of people of assorted levels of the human species, correspond to the conduct of people of assorted pure species ranges of the pure meals pyramid.
    The one characteristic is that, people of the degrees of human hierarchies, continually declare to occupy standing at greater ranges of human hierarchies, or slip into lower-level competitors. However for survival they’re combating on the degree at which they’re at a selected second in time. On the identical time, the wrestle for survival takes place concurrently with the wrestle for altering standing, to a better one. After the transition of a human being to a better degree of hierarchy, the decrease step, on which man was, is utilized by him because the decrease step of the meals chain. All this occurs about as in nature.
    Examples of this may be delivered to infinity. When the plane pilot presses the button to open the bomb hatch, he instinctively feels duty solely to these individuals who’re at his degree of the human hierarchy and earlier than those that are greater, for instance his colleagues and commanders. And those that are not more than representatives of the decrease degree of the hierarchy, their survival doesn’t hassle him in the mean time.
    The identical factor occurs with policemen dispersing a peaceable demonstration, with army males who’re combating even on the territory of their very own state, with the homeowners of slaves or serfs, with homeowners of companies and companies, with politicians and officers, leaders and leaders of peoples, with actors and even drivers of public transport.
    For instance, individuals of any human hierarchy, completely detached to the struggling of individuals in distant areas or in different international locations. Struggling pretty not distant, however unfamiliar neighbors, fear individuals not more than the struggling of the animal, which they had been used for meals.
    So nature is organized, and so is an individual who fights for the survival of solely that place or step of the hierarchy the place he’s at present situated. He’s fearful solely by his duty to a slender circle of individuals near him and well-known to him. The remainder for him or the decrease stage, which can be utilized, or the very best step that ought to beware.
    It’s potential to single out sure regularities from the peculiarities of human hierarchical relationships.
    If individuals of 1 degree of the hierarchy have entrusted energy over themselves to representatives of one other degree of the hierarchy – they consciously go on self-deception. Belief on this world can solely be shut, trusted belief, acquainted and related with you individuals shut ties of communication. With the remainder of the individuals there ought to be solely a contractual relationship with the stipulated measures of duty and the vary of duties. In any other case, there will probably be deception and use of individuals as the underside step of the meals pyramid.
    The identical will occur if the trustee is an individual near you, however after altering the standing, he nonetheless doesn’t justify your belief, he’ll combat for the survival of him and his colleagues, already on a brand new degree of hierarchy. And his earlier step will probably be utilized by him because the decrease step of the meals pyramid. That’s, placing the chief on a better degree of the hierarchy, use solely contractual accountable relationships, and management features, as a result of if you go to the upper degree, the individual modifies and makes use of your step.
    Any revolutionary actions of some ranges of human hierarchies directed towards different ranges of hierarchy, results in adjustments within the standing of a sure variety of people, and their transition to different ranges of hierarchies. However there will probably be no basic adjustments within the relationship between the steps. As a result of the revolution, it is just a flash of united efforts of various lessons or grades of hierarchies. And we’d like fixed forces between the layers of societies, much like the magnetic resistance of two opposing fees.
    Stability and well-being of hierarchies will depend on sure values ​​of the relationships between their ranges. The numerical or quantitative worth of people at totally different ranges of hierarchy ought to resemble a pyramid, the place the decrease steps are all the time bigger than the upper ones. The decrease stage of the pyramids should all the time resist extra power than the whole affect of all the upper levels of the pyramids. In all different instances, human hierarchies and pure pyramids lose stability and are rapidly destroyed.
    The decrease ranges of human hierarchies should be organized into forces able to offering fixed opposition to the forces of all of the higher levels within the combination. Then the worlds of individuals will discover stability, for a while.
    There are not any choices, no matter technical progress, or the fruits of the thoughts. If, for instance, a number of grain growers, utilizing trendy expertise, feed the remainder of the planet, it is a collapse. All different individuals lose their pure future, and switch into ineffective multiplying mutants, relying on a number of individuals. If just one or a number of energy crops give vitality to your entire planet, it’s also a collapse, solely an vitality one.
    One flash within the solar or a malfunction is sufficient, and every little thing is completed. There should be an enormous variety of small autonomous energy stations, an enormous variety of individuals main unbiased actions for autonomous survival of themselves or their small communities. Any form of globalization, it is a collapse. Any pyramid of irregular non-natural kind additionally collapses.
    The precept of hierarchy and pyramids should be in every little thing, in all spheres of human exercise. To nature it’s essential to look carefully, along with her examples to take. “
    Then the person turned and left, and I watched him for a very long time. “
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