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America Celebrates Transition From Monarchy to Corporatist Oligarchy

  • Right now America celebrates its liberation from the shackles of the British Crown and the start of its transition into corporatist oligarchy, which is so much like celebrating your lateral promotion from housekeeping to laundry employees. Fireworks will probably be set off, scorching canine will probably be consumed, and a wierd yellow concoction referred to as Mountain Dew will probably be imbibed by patriotic high-fiving Yankees desperate to rejoice their hard-fought freedom to funnel their taxes into company welfare as a substitute of to the King.

    Spark up a bottle rocket for me, America! In trouncing King George’s red-coated goon squad, you made it doable for the donor class to slowly purchase up increasingly management of your shiny new authorities, permitting for a system of rule decided not by royal bloodlines, however by wealth bloodlines. Now as a substitute of your nationwide affairs being decided by some gilded schmuck throughout the pond, they’re decided by the billionaire house owners of multinational companies and banks. These oligarchs have shored up their rule to such an extent that congressional candidates who outspend their opponents are almost certain to win, and a 2014 Princeton study discovered that abnormal Individuals haven’t any affect by any means over the habits of their authorities whereas the desire of the rich has a direct affect on US coverage and laws.

    The elite class secured its stance as British Rule by throwing their cash behind politicians who they knew would advance their pursuits, whether or not these pursuits are in guaranteeing that the arms and munitions they manufacture get used regularly, the growth of predatory commerce insurance policies, retaining tax loopholes open and retaining taxes on the wealthiest of the rich very low, deregulating companies and banks, or enabling underhanded Wall Avenue practices which damage the numerous for the good thing about the few. The existence of legalized bribery and company lobbying as illustrated within the video above have enabled the plutocrats to purchase up the Legislative and Government branches of the US authorities, and with these of their pockets they had been ultimately in a position to get the Judicial department as effectively since justices are appointed and accepted by the opposite two. Now having secured all three branches in a system of checks and balances theoretically designed to forestall totalitarian rule, the billionaire class has efficiently secured totalitarian rule.

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    By tilting the elections of congressmen and presidents in such a method as to put in a corporatist Supreme Court docket bench, the oligarchs efficiently obtained laws handed which additional secured and expanded their rule with selections like 1976’s Buckley v. Valeo1978’s First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti, and 2010’s Citizens United v. FEC. This has had the impact of making a nation whereby cash equals energy, which has in flip had the impact of making a system whereby the ruling class is, in a really possible way, incentivized to attempt to preserve everybody else poor with a view to keep its rule.

    Simply as King George didn’t surrender rule of the New World colonies and not using a knock-down, drag-out struggle, King George has no intention of relinquishing its rule both. The oligarchs have been preventing to maintain their energy, and, within the money-equals-power system that they’ve constructed for themselves, this essentially means retaining you from having cash. Simply as King George’s kingship would have meant nothing if all people was King, the oligarchs received’t be oligarchs anymore if abnormal Individuals are ever in a position to safe sufficient cash for themselves to start influencing their authorities inside its present money-equals-power paradigm.

    So in case you’ve ever puzzled why seemingly widespread sense issues like a residing wage and healthcare for granted persistently get shot down by your authorities, for this reason. In an effort to rule you as King George dominated you, the oligarchs want to ensure most of America is toiling simply to maintain its head above water. Progressives had been in a position to mount an intimidating insurgency utilizing tiny 27-dollar donations final 12 months; think about what they might do if abnormal working Individuals had been being paid their justifiable share of the US economic system? The oligarchs can preserve that from occurring by regularly escalating earnings inequality. They use their huge political energy to repress the minimal wage, to undermine the facility of unions, and to repeatedly pull increasingly vitality away from socialist packages and towards the company deregulation of neoliberalism. Should you don’t rely upon working the rat race for some company boss to ensure that your loved ones to have medical health insurance, you’re all of a sudden free to innovate, create, and turn out to be an economically highly effective entrepreneur your self.

    America is a corporatist oligarchy wearing drag doing a nasty impression of a bipartisan democracy. Typically it doesn’t even preserve its wig on; a current party at the Hamptons noticed Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Kellyanne Conway and Charles Koch mixing it up with Chuck Schumer and George Soros. Once they’re not eating on champagne and uncommon fillet collectively, these individuals fake to be locked in a vicious partisan battle that’s “tearing the nation aside”, however at Lally Weymouth’s annual Southampton summer time get together the act stops and the oligarchs frolic collectively like kids.

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    1776 turned out to be nothing aside from a transition from one type of exploitative rule to a different, however who is aware of? Possibly a 12 months within the not-too-distant future will see America celebrating a actual Independence Day.

    Opinion by Caitlin Johnstone / Republished with permission

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