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In bankruptcy 951 King is published to be from an unknown race. After Large Mother’s seize by way of Queen in Udon, she is taken to Kaido in Onigashima, the place she is overseen by way of the 3 All Stars till Kaido arrives.

Now not seeming specifically perturbed by way of her seize, Large Mother asks King to sign up for her staff, as he’s a member of one in all 3 races which Large Mother does no longer these days have illustration for in her kingdom of Totto Land.

Of the ones 3 races, we all know definitively that Giants are one in all them, for the reason that Large Mother has a bitter courting with Elbaf.

Of all different established races, we’ve observed they all both in Totto Land or the Large Mother Pirates. In our first photographs of Totto Land, we see people, Minks, Longlegs…

…Snakenecks, Merfolk, and Dwarves.

Some of the Large Mother Pirates and the Charlotte Circle of relatives, we additionally see Longarms…


…and of course, 3-Eyes.

For the reason that Large Mother’s invitation to King signifies that having only one member of any given race is sufficient to rely as having that race in her kingdom, I believe it’s protected to mention that she isn’t together with the 3-Eyes as a race that she is lacking. I do assume it’s a bit strange that there aren’t extra than simply Pudding, even though, since Pudding will have to have a father, however that’s no longer in point of fact associated with what we’re speaking about at this time and is a dialogue for over again.

We additionally know that amongst Large Mother’s number of uncommon creatures, she has a Longlimb…

…and a few mushroom-like creature referred to as a Kinokobito (actually Mushroom-Individual).

Whether or not a Kinokobito is a kind of human or only a creature that appears humanoid is up for debate, however both approach, it sort of feels most probably that Large Mother would rely it as part of her kingdom, so I believe we will safely say that those two also are no longer a number of the lacking 3.

Some other that she could also be lacking are the Kappa.

Now, there may be some debate on whether or not or no longer Kappa are in reality their very own race inside the global of One Piece or if Kawamatsu is only a Fishman. For my part, I believe the latter, for the reason that he has webbed palms, is a sturdy swimmer, and turns out to own immense bodily power because the most powerful Yokozuna in Wano. If he isn’t a Fishman, I believe he’s from some reptilian or amphibian race, for the reason that he’s obviously amphibious. Both approach, Fishman or no longer, I believe it’s beautiful transparent that Kawamatsu isn’t in reality a Kappa and that’s simply what the isolationist folks of Wano name his race for the reason that they don’t seem to be accustomed to the outdoor global. Till additional realize, even though, I’m bearing in mind Kawamatsu a Fishman, specifically as a result of there may be reason why to imagine that we already know the opposite two races Large Mother is relating to.

This brings us to the beef of this principle: King’s race.

At first, when Jack referred to as King and Queen “large brothers,” I believed they have been all half-Fishmen or a minimum of all half-human with other parental mixes, and that King used to be simply dressed in pretend wings as a part of his eccentric design. They unquestionably aren’t part of his Satan Fruit, on the very least, since his Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Type: Pteranodon provides him reptilian wings, no longer feathered ones.

On the other hand, it used to be published within the Vivre Card Databook that Jack is in reality a complete Fishman. Now, it’s after all conceivable that King and Queen are half-Fishmen, however not anything about their designs in point of fact indicate that, so I believe it’s honest to mention that they’re more than likely adoptive brothers of various races, and now that Large Mother has established King is from some race that used to be considered extinct, it sort of feels beautiful most probably that his maximum identifiable function, his wings, is indicative of his race.

So, what race is King?

The most obvious first conclusion that most of the people would most probably come to can be that he’s of the Sky Folks, the one winged humanoids that we have got observed within the sequence up up to now.

They’re an extraordinary race of humanoids that used to exist within the Blue Sea however disappeared (particularly, the Shandians), and we by no means see any of them in Totto Land, so it could make very best sense for them to be the misplaced race that Large Mother is lacking. To that time, I wholeheartedly imagine that the Sky Individuals are one of the crucial 3 that she used to be relating to.

However I don’t imagine that King is one in all them.

Keep in mind, Large Mother says that King’s race disappeared from historical past, however for that to be the case, his race will have to have as soon as been identified to historical past. So far as we all know, the one interactions that any of the Sky Folks had with the folk of the Blue Sea have been the Shandians befriending Montblanc Noland four-hundred years in the past. In response to the North Blue tale of Noland the Liar, it sort of feels that the one a part of Noland’s “lie” that survived used to be the Town of Gold, no longer the winged folks. In different phrases, there’s no identified file within the Blue Sea that the Sky Folks ever existed to head extinct.

Secondly, Large Mother unquestionably knew in regards to the Sky Folks earlier than assembly with King, for the reason that Urouge defeated one in all her Candy Commanders, Snack, so badly that he used to be now not have compatibility to be a Candy Commander.

I to find it laborious to imagine that with Large Mother’s famend knowledge community that she wouldn’t have regarded into and discovered one thing of Urouge’s origins. Moreover, I to find it laborious to imagine that she wouldn’t already learn about Sky Islands and the best way to get to them, since fellow Yonko Shanks and Kaido have each been to Sky Islands (Shanks whilst crusing with Roger, Kaido looking to kill himself by way of leaping from Ballon Terminal). It’s conceivable that she doesn’t know in regards to the Sky Folks particularly, since she’s by no means long past out of her strategy to cross to Skypiea to scoop a few of them as much as deliver to Totto Land, however possibly Skypiea particularly is simply too tough to get to for no matter reason why. I don’t know, and once more, that’s no longer what this principle is set.

Urouge does appear to be particularly from Birka, so possibly Large Mother is relating to the truth that Enel destroyed Birka. This additionally wouldn’t in point of fact paintings even though, since that might indicate she considers all 3 variants of Sky Folks, Birkans, Shandians and Skypieans, to be impartial races, which might imply that her choice of lacking races is a minimum of 4, no longer 3. Possibly she thinks the eradication of Birka used to be the eradication of all Sky Folks. That is totally conceivable, however it sort of feels too speculative for me because it is predicated completely on assumption and no longer integration of truth.

However let’s say that from a story standpoint, Oda wouldn’t wish to have two races of winged people, and King undoubtedly is of the Sky Folks. Which workforce is he part of, then?

Is he a Skypiean or a Shandian, whose wings are small and level to the perimeters?

Surely no longer.

Is he a Birkan, whose wings are rounded and level down?

They unquestionably do glance nearer to that form, however once more, the Birkan wings are a lot too small. Additionally, King’s wings have a a lot more outlined skeletal curve, which no longer best obviously differentiates them visually, it additionally implies to me that his wings are in reality usable for powered flight.

There’s additionally the truth that King’s feathers are black, or a minimum of darkish, however they’re coloured white within the anime for some reason why, so who is aware of, possibly he’s simply continuously the use of haki on his wings within the manga.

In the case of dimension, Urouge’s wings are in reality beautiful as regards to King’s, and do in reality have a moderately extra outlined skeleton than maximum Birkans, however for the reason that Urouge is considerably extra muscular than maximum identified Sky Folks, I wouldn’t be too stunned if his wings are larger at the foundation that he’s larger.

Curiously, even though, Urouge’s wings used to have the Skypiean form, and he even had the Skypiean antenna hair, implying that he used to be in reality born Skypiean and his wings in some way modified through the years.

This is able to again up the concept that Urouge is solely tremendous jacked, and that his wings modified form from understanding, however it’s additionally conceivable that Sky Folks wings are in reality simply equipment which will also be got rid of and swapped out. Finally, they’re regularly observed outdoor of garments with none transparent openings and Enel turns out to have changed his wings with drums.

Moreover, as prior to now mentioned, the wings of the Sky Folks most probably aren’t practical, as though they have been, then when crossing the White Sea, the Skypieans wouldn’t want Wavers or Dial Boats…

…Shandians wouldn’t want Breath Dial skates…

…Shura wouldn’t want to trip Fuza to fly…

…and Gedatsu wouldn’t want Cloud Dial sneakers to flee his personal swamp clouds.

Over and over again, it’s demonstrated that the Sky Folks require cars, mounts or different augmentations with a purpose to transfer around the White Sea, which they wouldn’t want if their wings have been practical. Due to this fact, it’s most probably that their wings are simply too small to be usable, not like King’s relatively huge wings.

Granted, we haven’t in reality observed the ones wings in use, as so far we’ve best observed King fly in his pteranodon shape. On the other hand, there may be one persona that has wings that do glance slightly very similar to King’s who we’ve reason why to imagine can use them. Any person that used to be presented inside of Wano: Tenguyama Hitetsu.

As soon as once more, when Hitetsu used to be presented, I believed his wings have been both the results of a Satan Fruit or simply equipment, however now that it’s been established that there could also be some type of winged race, I will have to say that probabilities appear just right that Hitetsu used to be presented this arc as some way of introducing the winged race to the tale a minimum of moderately forward of the legitimate expose. This may additionally indicate that the winged race is extinct in each country instead of Wano, and that, whilst uncommon, they will nonetheless be discovered inside of its borders.

Like I mentioned, excluding the colour, Hitetsu’s wings glance similar to King’s, each on the subject of dimension and form, with strongly outlined bones curving a long way upward. Once more, just like King, he has no longer been proven in reality the use of them, however it’s price noting that during his advent within the anime (episode 894), Hitetsu is proven temporarily ascending to the sky, accompanied by way of windy sounds earlier than changing into suspended within the air. Now, clearly it’s conceivable that he’s simply leaping in point of fact top like Carrot does, however the ambiguity of the scene implies to me that he used to be flying and Toei merely didn’t wish to expose it but.

Whether or not their wings are in a position to powered flight or no longer, I believe it’s reasonably transparent that Hitetsu and King are of the similar race. However once more, what race are they?

Any individual that’s learn my theories prior to now will have already found out what I’m going to mention: Hitetsu and King…are Birdfolk.

Sure, I do know, I’ve all the time mentioned prior to now that the Birdfolk are humanoid birds, with scaled legs and talons on their toes, feathers in all places their frame, their wings and fingers one and the similar, and whole with beaks on their faces. Sadly, whilst doing analysis for this principle, I came upon that Oda has dashed that exact principle, as Large Information Morgans, the cornerstone of my Birdfolk principle because it stood, used to be published to be a human Satan Fruit person with the Chicken-Chicken Fruit, Type: Albatross. Due to this fact, the full-bodied Birdfolk that I so desperately sought after to look were wrenched from my palms.

On the other hand, now that we all know King is from an extraordinary race, there may be nonetheless hope that the Birdfolk do exist, simply no longer within the form that I sought after them to. As an alternative, they’re extra comparable to Merfolk than they’re to Fishmen, being most commonly human with the locomotive characteristics of a specific form of animal reasonably than bipedal, human-shaped animals. In fact, the latter continues to be technically conceivable, however with our one instance turning out to be a sham, it’s taking a look so much much less most probably.

If King and Hitetsu are in reality Birdfolk, then it stands to reason why that they bring the characteristics of explicit birds, and whilst I will be able to’t in point of fact inform what kind of chicken Hitetsu’s wings resemble, this may occasionally function a proof to why King is it seems that continuously on fireplace: he could also be a Phoenix Birdfolk. If Fishmen and Merfolk will have other skills in accordance with their genetic inspiration (sharks with infinitely rising enamel, octopus with more than one fingers and the power to shoot ink or poison, and so on.), then naturally Birdfolk would even have phenotypical variations as neatly. Maximum of them would most probably be smaller such things as feather sort (waterproof like a duck, silent like an owl, and so on.) or feather distribution (pointed like an albatross for staying power or slotted like a crow for maneuverability), but when there’s a Phoenix Birdfolk, I believe that being on fireplace can be top up on its conceivable distinctive skills.

I additionally assume it’s attention-grabbing that of the 2 most probably Birdfolk we’ve at this time, either one of them put on mask. I don’t believe that those mask may be able to be masking beaks, given their shapes, however there could also be one thing about their facial construction this is explicit to the Birdfolk. It’s additionally conceivable that their faces simply glance masked, for the reason that Hitetsu’s masks blends so seamlessly into his face, however that’s more than likely simply a creative quirk.

As just a little of an apart, I don’t know if Birdfolk is essentially the best title for this workforce anymore, seeing as they aren’t strictly talking birds as I at the beginning deliberate. Most likely they’d be referred to as Angels? Regardless of the case, I believe it’s beautiful glaring that inside of Wano, the time period for his or her race can be Tengu, so for now, whilst I’m nonetheless going to name them Birdfolk, Tengu is more than likely a just right selection.

To summarize, I imagine that King is of a hitherto unknown Birdfolk race, and that Totto Land is lacking Giants, the Sky Folks, and the Birdfolk. May just King change into a Sky Individual and the 3rd lacking race is both Kawamatsu’s race or one thing else new completely? Possibly, however as issues stand at this time, I believe it’s in all probability that King is a Birdfolk.

*Idea by way of Tokiro Oumaga

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