Uranus, the mysterious and unknown Acient Weapon.Prior to i get started this concept I wish to temporary you on what we recently learn about Uranus:

We all know that the Historic Weapon was once created within the Void Century.We all know Uranus has one thing to do with the sky.We all know Uranus is in a position to destroying the sector.However what’s it?

Many of us speculate that Uranus was once used to create satan culmination within the tree of the satan.Uranus pertains to the sky and the heavens. In Enel’s artwork there have been 3 Historic Guns which may be observed the solar, a boat and the ocean. Send and sea sound acquainted?

3 other folks on a boat, one wears a fish hat, one has a boat having a look hat and one has antennas, the send they stand on is… Pluton. 3 people on a boat, beneath that send are sea-kings, I’ll can help you wager what weapon this is. Above the entirety else is the solar (Uranus)

The individual highlighted with the antennas holds a body of workers, keep in mind that for later.

So here’s the speculation, Uranus is a body of workers constituted of seastone that may absorbs the souls of creatures. This was once generation in the beginning advanced by way of the moon other folks. When the moon other folks noticed the people that smartly on earth they determined to turn their appreciation and kindness and shared their wisdom with the Historic Kingdom. When the ancients discovered of such generation they used it for the people betterment, that’s why moon other folks don’t come down anymore coz people did them grimy.

Try to stay up for this subsequent bit.

Uranus is a body of workers constructed from seastone that may include and switch “souls”. Within the Void Century many races co-existed on the earth of One Piece, when the people discovered about such generation from the moon other folks (the ancestors of the Skypeians, Birkans and Shandians) they used it, as people would, for their very own just right, therefore the advent of the primitive Global Executive. Poseidon was once used to assault the races underwater, Pluton was once used to assault the islands and Uranus was once used to enslave the slaved races by way of stealing their souls. Clearly some just right people had been towards it (so much in fact) and subsequently began the struggle.

With their new received souls they had been manifested right into a tree of all satan culmination in Mary Geoise (that’s the Nationwide Treasure) so it was once consumable by way of people, the people then received the higher hand after which the opposite races changed into extinct. The solar is a giver of existence and is answerable for all existence on earth in order that’s why the solar represents Uranus along side the sky theme. The man with the antennas is the race that knew the tech at the back of Uranus since he holds the body of workers.

This is the reason satan fruit customers can’t swim, no longer since the soul desires to visit the ocean however the reverse of what was once idea, the ocean resembles the seastone used to create the body of workers of Uranus therefore the weak spot to seastone and sea because of the souls short of to go back to Uranus. Shanks stated the satan fruit has the soul of the seadevil, simply probably the most unknown races whose souls had been used to create satan culmination. Be aware different unique species

Admiral Shiroryu discovered of this and took Uranus from Global Executive, Monkey D. Dragon or “Admiral White Dragon” took the weapon and changed into a Modern (Garp by no means knew this as a result of he most definitely by no means cared and was once too busy as a VICE ADMIRAL combating Gol D. Roger and stuff). And so he has that recently which is why he can also be observed as such an overpowered danger to Global Executive.

This might additionally give an explanation for how Marshall D. Educate is aware of about eating multiple satan fruit.

*Concept by way of Go_D_Garp

What do you think?

Written by Bunchy Pixel


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