Enel is the Key to Ancient Weapon Pluton


The speculation is Pluton is a flying airship this is powered via Enel’s lightning/electrical energy energy and makes use of gold as conductor. And Ark Maxim was once a mini model of Pluton.

1-For a few years, the International Govt couldn’t find the unique Pluton and may simplest attempt to lay their arms on blueprints held via Tom.

2-We all know that Pluton has 2 traits. First, Pluton is a boat. The identify Pluton has been used to check with warships during our human historical past as smartly. In One Piece it has additionally appear to indicate that this can be a send. 2nd, in step with Crocodile, one shot from it is going to spoil an island immediately. This suits into the identify of Pluton in addition to it will check with plutonium utilized in atomic bombs.

3-Have we noticed a one shot destruction from a boat ahead of? The solution is sure. We now have noticed one of these case ahead of in Ark Maxim via Enel when he launches a shot at Angel Island (Raigo). It created a deep crater like hollow. Attention-grabbing factor is such deep hollow has been noticed in other places too and that’s Enies Foyer which turns out too bizarre to be guy made.

4-Ark Maxim has 2 necessary part to serve as, it wishes electrical energy and it wishes gold to habits.

5-Enel from Birka, someway were given his arms at lightning satan fruit, went to Skypiea which owns lots of gold from Shandorian and order Skypieans to construct Maxim. Enel’s adventure is fascinating as a result of he turns out to understand precisely what’s had to construct such send.

6-Even if Maxim malfunction, he was once ready to rectify it in some of the scene. The generation in the back of Maxim, the use of electrical energy to create a flying airship, is much past what’s noticed in blue ocean even exceeding the ones shipwrights in water seven. In fact, we all know that this generation extremely most likely comes from moon civilization as all components of establishing it are via the three primary races that come from Moon (Birka – Electrical energy, Shandorian – Gold, Skypiean – Shipbuilding).

7-If the only real function of Maxim is to fly again to moon, then it’s bizarre that Maxim is constructed to supply thunder clouds that might result in mass destructions with Raigo. A lot of these information level to the truth that Maxim can have been a fashion of Pluton albeit a mini model.

8-The identify of Maxim, may well be traced to Delphic Maxims as a regular for historic greeks fundamental morals. One in all it says that if one breaks the religion with god, he/she will probably be punished via Hades. Pluton, a connection with Pluto as smartly, would on this case check with Hades too. Therefore the hyperlink between Maxim and Pluton utilized by Oda.

9-Gold for some reason why is a vital useful resource. Proper after the Void Century, Shandorians had been attacked for some causes. Whilst Shandoria has the Poneglyph revealing Poseidon, that will not be the explanation in the back of this assault. Extremely most likely, it’s for the gold that they personal. As a result of if Pluton was once used right through the Void Century, then International Govt is aware of that gold is crucial useful resource.

10-Tenryuubito orders for Heavenly Tribute (Tenjoukin) which we’re not sure of its contents however in kanji, it’s said as 天上金. If I had been to translate it actually, gold from sky. The very reason why to regulate gold sources, may well be to regulate or no less than save you Pluton. Pluton additionally has an implied which means to reap and wealth from underworld. We additionally know that Ploutos is the god of wealth. Once more, drawing the reference between Gold and Pluton.

11-Necessarily, Maxim was once a boat that works on conversion of power. Franky, the final one that has noticed Pluton’s blueprint, purposes as changing coke into power too. In Maxim, but even so massive gears, we do see massive cylinders of liquid that’s being labored as smartly. Franky was once additionally ready to use such power conversion to create jets for sunny pass despite the fact that to not the level of flying like Maxim however the ideas may well be identical. On a facet be aware, was once this the explanation why Oro Jackson may break out from Shiki?

12-In Jaya Island, when the compass issues to Sky Island, Robin was once very positive that Sky Island exists. This data may most likely be from Poneglyphs and we all know in Alabasta, the arc ahead of Skypiea, there’s person who talks about Pluton’s location.

13-Why did Crocodile know and demand that Pluton is in Alabasta? If we hint again to the Poneglyph that Jinbe discovered and the traditional ruins and the enormous sea cat that wears the similar earring like Crocodile. May just or not it’s that those ruins are from Birka, the island destroyed via Enel? And in Alabasta, we do see printings of sea cat at the wall design as smartly. So is Birka present at once above Alabasta and that Crocodile noticed those ruins that Enel destroyed due to this fact realizing about Pluton? However after all he didn’t know that it’s within the sky. Very similar to how the International Govt doesn’t know that Pluton is within the sky.

14-Again about Enies Foyer, the design is encouraged via one island in Oregon USA. Where is named Thor’s Smartly. Thor, thunder god. Once more, with regards to Enel and if Enies Foyer is certainly the unique destruction via authentic Pluton, then the design of Enies Foyer reference Thor’s Smartly would have some sense.

15-So as to add yet another level, I think that Nami acquiring Zeus is any other plot level to the top objective with Pluton and Enel.

*Principle byboyplunger56

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