Is One Piece really that close to its Completion?!

Is One Piece really that close to its Completion?!

So, one thing has been bothering me in recent times. I’ve been seeing a large number of posts and movies on YouTube pronouncing that we’re coming near (moderately) the top of One Piece. I don’t assume we’re that shut for a number of causes.

So, I simply wish to wreck down the arcs which might be completely vital to finishing the tale of One Piece. As I see it, there are no less than 3, however I consider that there might be no less than one wonder arc within the endgame of the tale.


This arc is ready midway over, and we now have been in Wano for a yr now. It is a massively vital arc, and I believe it’ll stretch on for no less than 1.5- 2 years. There are such a large amount of floating plot issues, and the answer of the arc is probably not simple.


This arc has been teased since Little Lawn, and it’s all however showed to be an island that the Straw Hats will discuss with. There are theories in line with which that is Shanks’ territory, and whilst that is utterly imaginable (and can be superior), I will not even start to wager what the tale might be. Then again, we all know that no less than one workforce member MUST move to Elbaf to satisfy his dream.

Usopp wishes to visit Elbaf to in spite of everything grow to be a “courageous warrior of the ocean”. This would be the end result of his tale and would even be a perfect level to finish the expansion of the Straw Hats- the country of the arena’s largest warriors.

There also are theories in line with which the overall Street Poneglyph might be present in Elbaf. I 100% accept as true with this principle and it might be a perfect ultimate trial for the Straw Hats ahead of environment off for Raftel.


Raftel is the island on the finish of the New International which supposedly holds the treasure One Piece. It’s the success of our primary persona’s dream. I additionally consider that this would be the arc the place Luffy and the Straw Hats will struggle the Blackbeard Pirates. One ultimate struggle for supremacy over who might be topped King of the Pirates. Once more, I will not even start to speculate as to the precise tale beats, however I believe we might all be shocked if it is a fast and simple arc for Luffy and the Straw Hats.

Now we get to the harsh part- figuring out the many plot threads which might be left unfulfilled. Oda tells this sort of tight, well-crafted tale, and I’d be shocked if the next plot issues don’t seem to be addressed.

ShanksBlackbeardZoro’s dream to grow to be the International’s Biggest SwordsmanIm-sama and the Nice CleansingMonkey D. Dragon and The Progressive ArmyThe Historic WeaponsShanks may just completely display up in Elbaf or Raftel as one ultimate impediment to Luffy turning into Pirate King.

Luffy may just ship the straw hat and end up that he has created a pirate workforce that surpasses Shanks. Blackbeard is similar way- I believe it’s most probably that he would be the barrier to Luffy gaining the overall Street Poneglyph, or he’ll be combating to succeed in Raftel ahead of Luffy. He’s the opposite true candidate to be the following Pirate King, and Luffy will want to surpass him.

Now that is the place I’m going to get into a bit of little bit of headcannon and principle crafting. I consider that there might be one ultimate arc, after Raftel. I will not see how the Progressive Military suits into both Elbaf or Raftel, and the similar factor for the International Govt’s cleaning.

I believe that when Luffy has grow to be the Pirate King, the International Govt will start to consolidate energy and cleanse, or ruin, international locations which might be allied with the Revolutionaries. They’ll assault Vivi, which is able to infuriate Luffy and the Straw Hats when information reaches them.

At this level, I believe the Straw Hat Grand Fleet and the Pirate King’s workforce will sail to Mary Geoise, assembly up with the Revolutionaries alongside the best way. On the first assembly between Luffy and Dragon, they will be the #1 and #2 maximum sought after males within the world- the Pirate King and the Chief of the Revolutionaries.

The invasion of Mary Geoise can be becoming for a “Ultimate Arc”. One remaining combat, stuffed with flashbacks, previous allies reappearing to enroll in the combat, a complete show of the expansion of the Straw Hats from rookie pirates to essentially the most feared workforce on this planet. I simply need one scene of the Straw Hats appearing up at the battlefield and having the similar intimidating impact at the enemies as Shanks’ workforce did on the finish of Marineford.

This ultimate arc would permit the Revolutionaries to topple the International Govt, Zoro may have one ultimate duel with Mihawk (defeating him, and turning into the International’s Biggest Swordsman), Luffy may just enact revenge on Akainu, the Historic Guns might be printed, Im-sama might be unmasked and dethroned, and the Historic Kingdom might be reborn.

It will be the “Avengers: Endgame” of One Piece. I believe this may be implausible and tie the tale up completely, fairly than shoehorning the entirety into Elbaf or Raftel.

I do know this was once truly lengthy, however I had fun writing it. Ideas?

*by way of grandslam950

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