Kaido’s race finally revealed?

Kaido’s race finally revealed?

In bankruptcy 954 the Numbers are first discussed and they’re going to display up for the Fireplace Competition.

The Numbers are related in measurement to giants, completely dwarfing people and longarms like Scratchmen Apoo. All of them possess two horns on their head, similar to Kaido, and two of them raise a spiked membership very similar to Kaido’s kanabō, thus giving them characteristics very similar to the ones of the mythical oni.

Two of them had been proven with very sharp enamel. Their bodily constitutions range a great deal, with some being taller and slimmer whilst others are shorter and rounder. One member has a significantly lengthy neck.

Consistent with Queen, each and every member of the Numbers has a consuming drawback.

A kid from Hakumai instructed any other kid that they’d be eaten by way of the Numbers if noticed, however it’s unknown whether or not that’s the fact or a fable. Likewise, he additionally stated that they have been from Onigashima, however it’s unclear whether or not he supposed that they have been local beings of Onigashima or that they have been participants of the Beasts Pirates who’re positioned in Onigashima, therefore pointing out that they have been from there.

So the Numbers appears to be a species we haven’t observed prior to or atleast now not of a species we all know of. Or will we? I’ve 2 theories:

1: The Numbers are the similar species as Oars

The Numbers are obviously tall. They have got a demon-like look. We all know that Moria possibly had been in Wano and there perhaps he discovered Oars’ frame.

2: Kaido is similar species as The Numbers

This one is a bit of bizarre. However what if Kaido got here to Wano as a result of his race (The Numbers) have been hunted by way of International Executive after which he discovered Wano, a rustic that were given virtually no touch with the remainder of the arena. He then got here with The Numbers as their chief, they usually fought with Kaido to dethrone Oden. Queen additionally stated that The Numbers all have a consuming issues and so do Kaido (and it could give an explanation for the horns).

*Principle by way of XxNOTMYFAULTxX

What do you think?

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