Many of us have come to take a position over what Fortunate Roo’s satan fruit is. All these speculations incessantly revolve round how Fortunate simply shot a bandit in Foosha Village.

Those speculations additionally say that it was once as a result of Fortunate Roo that Shanks were given to Marineford so temporarily and that Fortunate’s energy is a time/teleportation/velocity comparable satan fruit. Then again I extremely doubt that is the case.


The primary explanation why I doubt Fortunate has a Satan Fruit is as a result of this: the Crimson Hair Pirates as an entire don’t have many Satan Fruit customers.

How did I achieve this conclusion? Neatly principally as a result of this:

-Shanks has no Satan Fruit;-Rayleigh has no Satan Fruit, and reasonably was once a Haki grasp;-Not one of the Roger Pirates willingly sought after a Satan Fruit;-Roger possibly had no Satan Fruit and was once possibly a Haki grasp;-The Crimson Hair Pirates didn’t need a Satan Fruit(no person sought after the Gomu Gomu no Mi?).

As I simply mentioned, not one of the Roger Pirates sought after a Satan Fruit, and Rayleigh himself had no Satan Fruit, many of the Roger Pirates have been Haki masters. And as everyone knows, Shanks was once a great deal impressed via Roger and Rayleigh.

So if Roger’s group most well-liked Haki over Satan End result, then we will suppose Shanks did as smartly. This may also be observed as Shanks himself has no Satan Fruit and reasonably is a Haki grasp. This leads me to achieve the belief that Shanks was once towards his group consuming Satan End result, and reasonably persuaded them to grasp haki, as he knew from revel in how sturdy haki customers like Rayleigh and Roger have been. That is the primary reason i don’t imagine Fortunate Roo has a Satan Fruit; as a result of if Shanks knew Satan Fruit customers have been weaker than haki customers, I don’t imagine he would permit one of the most most powerful contributors of his group to consume a Satan Fruit. Moreover, now that we’re within the New International, virtually each and every pirate has a Satan Fruit. This is among the causes I imagine that Fortunate and the Crimson Hairs must no longer be Satan Fruit customers; as a result of they’d in reality be more potent in the event that they have been natural haki customers in the course of Satan Fruit customers.


Neatly despite the fact that I don’t assume Fortunate has a Satan Fruit, I do imagine he has an important method which provides him super energy in struggle. What’s that method? Lifestyles Go back. I imagine the explanation why Fortunate Roo eats such a lot is as a result of he’s storing power for a struggle. As you recognize, existence go back will give you the power to regulate your frame; this can be utilized to show fats into muscle, or simply flip fats into power. Then again, Fortunate covers his frame with about 200-300 kilos of fats. When Fortunate is in a struggle he makes use of Lifestyles Go back to a great deal accelerate his metabolism; when he does this, he’ll be changing all his fats into ATP(power). With that a lot power blended with insane Haki energy, Fortunate will actually have the ability to break islands with the top of his palms. This energy when utilized in motion would appear to be a more potent model of Tools 2, possibly one thing like this

When Fortunate killed the bandit in Foosha Village he simply used a “lite” model of this system.


Now many of us say that Fortunate has a Satan Fruit as a result of they imagine that Fortunate was once the explanation why Shanks were given to Marineford temporarily; alternatively I’ve a unique clarification. I imagine the explanation why Shanks were given to Marineford temporarily is that this:

Shanks’ Haki is so tough that he can regulate the wind and the ocean; via the usage of this energy Shanks created an especially rapid present from the New International to Marineford.CONCLUSION

The Crimson Hair Pirates are most commonly Haki customers; due to this fact Fortunate Roo has no Satan Fruit;Reasonably than a Satan Fruit, Fortunate makes use of Lifestyles Go back to in an instant metabolize 200+ kilos of fats, this offers him powers very similar to would possibly man and Tools 2;The explanation why Shanks were given to Marineford wasn’t as a result of a Satan Fruit however reasonably a Haki created present.*Idea via Monkey D Theories

What do you think?

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