To begin with, one assumes Marco and Jozu withstood Shanks’ Haki…

The overall anecdote is going one thing alongside the traces of… Shanks boarded the Mobydick together with his Conqueror’s Haki activated; some other people misplaced awareness because of no longer having the need to stay aware in his presence, whilst the others (it seems that) had been strong-willed sufficient to stay aware. Some key main points have long past amiss, and subsequently contributes and inherently births a misconstrued tale. The purpose is to indicate those lacking main points, after which give the real (apologies if this sounds boastful) narration in mild of the particular context.

Earlier than Arriving​

Earlier than Shanks stepped aboard the Mobydick, Marco and Jozu warn all of the rookies to stick again (clear of Shanks), however some being rightly inquisitive felt the wish to query pre-emptive protection measures at a relatively premature duration.

His Arrival​

Shanks has arrived, it’s subsequently, too overdue to face inside the outdoor of the unprotected zone.

As Shanks with a bit of luck makes his manner although the enemy send to fulfill Whitebeard, a wake of rookies are falling by means of him, because of his overwhelming Conqueror’s Haki.

What If…​

What if those unfledged rookies had stayed again as Marco had stated? Marco isn’t any idiot, he’s a veteran, would make sense to suppose had they promptly acted on his directions, they’d nonetheless be status, another way, why else would Marco suggest they keep again?


We all know the rookies in Shank’s trail had been knocked out, on the other hand, there are different rookies too. The opposite rookies are the folks all having a look stunned and asking questions; they’ve by no means witnessed this kind of energy earlier than. Marco being a just right chief reassures them to stay calm; the assembly of two Emperors is makes for an excessively risky and anxious atmosphere as is clear.

Marco could also be no longer telling Jozu or the opposite veterans to stay clam, they’re all accustomed to Conqueror’s haki, not like rookies. Subsequently, it may be inferred that there are rookies scattered in every single place the send; the rookies who gout knocked out had been simply within the mistaken position on the mistaken time. A lot of them are status within the house that Marco identified as a protected zone which is why they’re nonetheless aware.

The place Are…​

Marco and Jozu?

To begin with, we see Marco and Jozu on the backside of the stair, it’s necessary to take into accout, that those stairs are by means of the Wooden Fence which is able to handiest be discovered reverse the Send’s front. It’s handiest for the reason that front is a stretch of open ground house, that we discover some Freshmen on the a ways widths of the send.

As Shanks attracts ever nearer to Whitebeard, the Whitebeard Veterans and Freshmen edge again additional clear of the ground of the steps to simply in the back of Wooden Fence. According to the format, we will confirm that Marco, Jozu and the Freshmen are all within the Protected Zone.

How Some distance was once Shank’s Haki Unfold?​

If Shank’s Haki was once unfold all over all of the send, there can be no rookies for Marco to inform to stay calm as a result of they’d all unquestionably have misplaced awareness if that had been the case,this implies it was once handiest lively to inside a limited house which was once the direction he took to get to Whitebeard.

And if one recalls, Shanks stated he didn’t come to start out a struggle, he was once simply making sure his personal protection being on an enemy send and easily have a dialogue with Whitebeard.


The purpose of that is to turn that, the rationale Marco and Jozu weren’t fazed by means of Shanks’s Conqueror’s Haki is as a result of Shanks handiest limited his Haki to inside a definite house of the send. The world Marco and Jozu had been stood (together with the rookies beside them) was once out of the variability of Shanks’ Conqueror’s Haki. Had been this no longer the case, the rookies beside Jozu and Marco would have both fainted, whilst Jozu and Marco would had been intimidated; being that neither came about, it’s protected to mention, Shanks’s Haki maximum unquestionably wasn’t prolonged to the place they had been.

*Concept by means of Hannibal Psyche

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