Oda has already foreshadowed Zoro vs Shiliew Fight

Oda has already foreshadowed Zoro vs Shiliew Fight

I only recently rewatched the Zoro vs Daz Bones struggle and noticed this specifically attention-grabbing flashback and this concept simply hit me.

Zoro will get a flashback of his Sensei telling him that there are swordsmen on this international who can reduce not anything.

Then it presentations Zoro in provide day announcing to himself “ As a way to reduce not anything, does that imply to understand the breath of items?”.

He then proceeds to defeat Daz Bones who asks Zoro if he’s going to chop Diamond subsequent and Zoro says that might be a waste.

That is what sparked all the ones theories that Shiliew of the Rain would someway get Jozu’s diamond fruit and struggle Zoro someday.

Now that Shiliew were given Absalom’s Suke Suke no Mi and will now flip invisible.

The general public had been complaining why Oda gave Shiliew any such susceptible satan fruit, actually even supposing invisible he can nonetheless be found out via someone with Remark Haki.

Now, having a look at that flashback with Zoro’s sensei, I feel I do know why Oda determined to present Shiliew that specific satan fruit. The Suke Suke no Mi offers him the facility to show himself and the rest he touches invisible, and its Awakening must be I feel so as to flip him into nothingness.I do know this can be a bit bizarre however I imagine the following stage of invisibility is to transform not anything.

Zoro will be unable to sense him in any respect even with Remark Haki. Shiliew will transform not anything itself and that shall be Zoro’s true take a look at which is so as to reduce not anything similar to his sensei stated in that flashback long ago in Alabasta.I’m telling you guy this must be why Oda gave Shiliew the invisible fruit particularly out of anything. It’ll be an excessively difficult struggle for Zoro however he has to tug via someway.

*Principle via ram_sauce

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