Oda has just given a clue on the Traitor of Wano


As we see in the most recent bankruptcy, Orochi reputedly orchestrated an incident at the night time sooner than the Hearth Competition at Port Tokage, which brought about the allies of the 9 Purple Scabbards to not seem on the promised port.

As many are theorizing, there’s a traitor a number of the Purple Scabbards.

We additionally know that the traitor allowed Jack to search out Zou two times. Inuarashi idea he was once being advised learn how to in finding Zou particularly, however it is also that he was once merely given a Vivre Card for Raizou, and therefore was once sure that the Minks have been hiding him. How would he have were given it, despite the fact that?

Neatly, Kikunojo was once particularly left in the back of in Wano to assemble intel, it’d were logical to offer her some Vivre Card so they may join up later. They resurfaced in Kuri, once she separated from them she ran to the chief of Kuri, Jack, and gave him the Vivre Card so he may prevent them useless of their tracks. It’s why they have been noticed once they took to seas, and the way they have been in a position to sneak again disregarded (Kiku mentions that she was once unaware that they had returned).

However, why Kiku?

Wasn’t she a part of the Purple Scabbards? Neatly, no longer first of all. She appears to be like a lot more youthful than Family’emon and co, and Oda all however showed within the ultimate SBS that she was once no longer the individual noticed within the staff on Yasuie’s flashback. Which means, she was once no longer an authentic Scabbard. Oda additionally mentioned that “this discrepancy can be defined in due time”. Which means, there’s a secret to it.

My take is that the unique ninth Scabbard (be it Izo or any individual else) left, and Kiku changed them as a secret agent from Kaido. She even wears a horned masks, the mark of the Beast Pirates!

We all know Kaido isn’t above such schemes (having put Apoo as a secret agent in Child’s alliance), he almost definitely idea he wanted such an higher hand in opposition to a former Roger’s workforce member (and for the reason that Oden gave him his most effective scar, I’d say he was once proper).

*Concept by way of Swani

What do you think?

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