Space Pirate in Revolutionary Army

Space Pirate in Revolutionary Army

Personally, Lindbergh was once an area pirate whilst nonetheless perhaps being a mink. Right here’s one of the vital causes:

1-Take a look at this actual “meter” design that looks in Lindbergh’s jetpack and in addition in more than a few area pirates chest.

After all, we don’t see one on Lindbergh’s chest, however that’s as a result of he’s dressed in garments, very similar to one of the crucial area pirate which we will conclude no less than this tool isn’t worn outdoor the garments however is connected without delay at the frame.

2-Most leeway pirates that we noticed thus far in Enel backstory are no less than in mink like options although some are weirdly formed, they’re by means of and massive very similar to minks – humanoids with animal options. Additionally area pirates appear to be somewhat technologically complex too with one of the crucial duvet tale appearing a chimney like equipment that turns out to provide steam, perhaps the era at the back of jetpack.

3-In one of the crucial duvet tale web page, the distance pirate turns out to channel electro from his weapon. One thing very similar to what mink may just do.

4-Lindbergh appears to be an inventor with somewhat technologically complex guns that we by no means see a lot somewhere else. On the other hand, the mink tribe and in addition their native land on Zou doesn’t appear to include any type of technologically complex wisdom and easily hanging Lindbergh as just a mink turns out bizarre right here.

5-Additionally, in keeping with his identify reference, Charles Lindbergh was once a well-known aviator. In 1927 he was the primary guy to effectively fly an plane around the Atlantic Ocean. The nearest factor to plane in One Piece international that we’ve got observed are in fact more than a few flying ships similar to Enel’s.

Assuming Lindbergh is an area pirate certainly, there’s some hypothesis shall we make:

1-There’s a solution to shuttle from Area to One Piece international. Up to now we now have observed Enel’s Ark Maxim however it’s being destroyed. This might symbolize the go back of Enel if there’s a brand new means. Sure ENEL HYPE IS REAL.

2-Minks may be able to be initially citizens of the moon/area.

3-Monkey D. Dragon can have been to the moon and met Lindbergh there.

4-Most likely this explains why minks are at complete energy when complete moon instead of the everyday werewolf more or less tale that we all know

5-Lindbergh can have joined Modern Military as a result of he sought after to fulfill his fellow opposite numbers

*Idea by means of boyplunger56

What do you think?

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