The Previous Owner Of Gomu Gomu No Mi

The Previous Owner Of Gomu Gomu No Mi

The proof I can supply is solely speculative and hypothetical in terms of the One Piece tale. Because the get started of the collection, a query that can have sat at the back of our minds can be who used to be Luffy’s predecessor to the satan fruit Gomu Gomu No Mi?

The answer I’ve discovered to paintings for the query, during which I speculate, can be that the precise satan fruit and its powers had been as soon as possessed through Portgas D. Rouge, Ace’s mom.

The aim at the back of this will be the nature of Ace’s beginning. The typical being pregnant lasts round nine months. The aim of this may be in line with the provider’s frame withstanding the being pregnant in addition to the newborn final wholesome if imaginable. Within the manga, it says that through the sheer drive and can of Rouge, she used to be in a position to carry off Ace’s beginning till the 20 month mark. Through those requirements, that will make Ace as outdated as an 11 month outdated kid with the addition of the nine month being pregnant. The typical 11 month outdated child weighs 21 kilos. The standard feminine human frame would no longer have the ability to maintain a toddler of that weight with out abnormalities or powers.

I feel Ace had the prolonged being pregnant because of his mom’s Gomu Gomu No Mi powers. Her powers allowed her to stretch greater than the typical frame, permitting her child to have a longer being pregnant albeit, there have been nonetheless penalties for the reasonably unnatural beginning resulting in Rouge’s dying.

In a distinct viewpoint, this may additionally provide an explanation for why Shanks would have the satan fruit. Understanding Rouge would have had some form of connection to Roger, Shanks would have discovered the fruit to discover a appropriate person in line with his dating along with his former captain (perhaps Ace if Shanks knew about his beginning/whereabouts).

As unsure as we’re of Shanks, maximum folks see him as a person of fine intent. In keeping with this reality, I imagine that Shanks had the satan fruit to make use of in line with his just right status with Roger. The whole thing of this hypothesis brings a complete circle concept that connects Luffy to Roger’s existence in a minuscule approach.

*Principle through Talents D. Kyle

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