The Reason why the Roger Pirates Crew disbanded

The Reason why the Roger Pirates Crew disbanded

Gol D. Roger’s will was once to clutter the arena the other way up. Nonetheless, as soon as the Roger Pirates discovered the One Piece and have been in a position to obviously do this, they disbanded.

And best after that, because of his illness (and possibly to offer protection to Rouge and his unborn kid), Roger surrendered to the Marine.

Thus, his staff disbanding was once no longer because of his illness. They have been extremely robust even with out him (Rayleigh, Oden, younger Shanks, Bullet…), have without equal energy in hand (the One Piece), and the most productive physician on this planet (Crocus) to care about their captain.

So, what came about? I believe like there have been an issue a number of the staff. Roger’s staff consists of 2 more or less other people:

– Strong, non violent, loosen up other people: Rayleigh, Shanks, Crocus principally;

– Apprehensive, desperate to struggle, risky other people: Bullet, Buggy, and most probably Oden, as he was once described through Relations’emon and in Yasuie’s flashback.

After they found out the One Piece, they have been having in hand wisdom/energy that might permit to clutter the arena, flip it the other way up, and probably destruct it because it was once recognized.

On the other hand, the primary ones have been adversarial to try this as a result of it will have led to numerous ache, struggling and deaths to blameless, non violent other people, that have been having not anything to do with the Void Century and Celestial Dragons. Additionally, a number of the staff, some have been already having robust family members with other people established on this planet: Rouge, Shakky, Makino?

Alternatively, the second one ones have been strongly claiming to head all out with what they found out and to push aside this international, at any value. This could provide an explanation for the Bullet behaviour observed in Stampede film, why Buggy remains to be prepared to messing round and no longer anymore within the One Piece…

Roger himself was once puzzled, between his personal will of holding doing mess and its attachment to other people that will be afflicted by it.

Because of this confrontation on which they weren’t discovering any cheap consequence, Roger made up our minds to disband the staff, in order that everybody may just do in line with his personal will (sounds of freedom, vital factor for Roger), himself to do the essential about his cherished Rouge and to die honorably.

Nonetheless, on the sheath of the dying, at the second of the execution, he had some doubts about his personal determination to do not anything concerning the One Piece, and release his legendary punchline: “The One Piece exists…”

It’s exaclty the similar factor that drives round Shanks’ movements. He’s a Yonko, however a Yonko prepared to stay the placement the fewer messy conceivable, at no matter prices. Because of this he attempted to stop the struggle between Ace and Educate, he averted Kaido from intervening within the Summit Struggle, made up our minds to place an finish to the similar conflict, went on assembly the Gorosei and was once approved through the 5 Elders. Since they know his thoughts and that his movements are not directly of their favour, naturally they have been prepared to hear his phrases.

That is most probably the explanation why Kaido went to Oden after Roger’s dying. Understanding his thoughts and manner of being, he requested him to enroll in forces as a way to get the One Piece and mess the arena the other way up. Which Oden refused in recognize to Roger’s determination.

This may be most probably the argument this is getting into between Inuarashi & Nekomamushi for 20 years, after Oden’s dying. Inuarashi was once in favour of Oden’s determination while Nekomamushi was once extra in favour of following his personal intuition (and the only from his inheritor) to head messing the arena. Because of Oden’s dying, this turned into an unsolvable argument between them.

And this will provide an explanation for the phrases from Rayleigh concerning the One Piece as neatly “after discovering it, you could come to another conclusion from ours…”

*Concept through KeshiSakazuki

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