The Will Of D. And Their 7 Clans

The “Nice Kingdom” used to be a kingdom mentioned to be monumental, wealthy, and robust. It used to be most probably an enemy of the Twenty Kingdoms (which is now the Global Executive), as implied by way of Professor Clover, and used to be reputedly completely destroyed by way of them over 8 hundred years in the past on the finish of the Void Century.

Actually, it kind of feels their defeat allowed the Historical Alliance to in reality develop into the Global Executive. Moreover, it’s the actual explanation why the Global Executive has banned any Poneglyph decoding and analysis because the mere “life and concept of this kingdom items a risk to the Global Executive”.

My hypothesis is that there have been 7 households of the D. Extended family that dominated throughout the Historical Kingdom. We all know all 7 of the ones households.









7 Rooms in Mary Geoise. Harboring the 7 circle of relatives heirlooms

All rooms have been frozen as to keep a frame. 7 our bodies = 7 circle of relatives heads and their heirlooms. No different explanation why to freeze the rooms for those who don’t seem to be going to keep natural tissue.

*Principle by way of OrangeAdmiral

What do you think?

Written by Bunchy Pixel


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