TOP 10 BEST MASKS IN ONE PIECE – One Piece Anime and Manga



Jesus Burgess has curly violet hair achieving all the way down to his shoulders and all the time wears a dismal brown masks with orange decorations on it, which covers the higher a part of his face however finds his eyes and his nostril. He seems to be in accordance with Luchador wrestlers in accordance with his title and the face masks of Mexican foundation.


Gladius wears an extended black coat with gold steel rings at the palms and chest, gold rivets studded across the collar and shoulders, and black and gold steel gears at the elbows, in conjunction with matching black boots. He additionally sports activities a similarly-studded white masks that covers the decrease part of his face, matching a couple of blue goggles, and a black best hat, altogether giving him a mode very paying homage to steampunk. His spiky, gentle blue hair is normally filled inside of his hat and flares out when exposed, frequently on the hat’s expense.


Spandam wears a brown studded leather-based masks which covers the bridge of his nostril and scars on his reasonably top brow simply above his eyebrows, very similar to the masks of the WWE Legend Mick Foley, or “Mankind”.


Jack wears a steel jaw masks that reputedly disappears when he transforms into his mammoth shape, and has a couple of horns on each and every aspect of his head. His blond hair is worn in a ponytail and a couple of lengthy braids.


3 unnamed participants have been proven in Dressrosa. They each and every put on white fits with darkish ties and tribal mask. They seem abnormally tall, towering over the extraordinary voters of Dressrosa.The shortest one wears a masks which turns out much more likely to be white makeup, as his mouth was once transferring whilst he addressed the folks.The one in every of heart peak wears a masks that has a mild yellow flowery beard, a skinny darkish blue smile, all white-colored eyes, and two blue vertical strains happening the best aspect.The tallest one wears a masks is a dismal pink offended taking a look with thick and nearly dreadlock-like, flat natural black-colored hair.


Bastille wears a grey steel masks with fourteen (ten within the anime prior to the timeskip) eye-holes and two lengthy, curved bull horns and his face hasn’t ever been totally uncovered. His lengthy orange hair falls to the entrance of his chest and the remainder of his hair will also be observed happening his again.


Killer has lengthy wild blonde hair that falls all the way down to his thighs. He wears a undeniable, white and light-blue full-head helmet with many holes in it, and what appear to be trendy headphones on each the edges.Killer’s helmet has been famous to undergo resemblance to the French musician Man-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s helmet from Daft Punk. Daft Punk was once made well-known in Japan through their animated movie Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem, throughout which period the duo have been dressed in outfits designed to cause them to appear to be robots.


Duval is an excessively huge guy who was once firstly offered dressed in a big iron masks, with lengthy pink tufts hooked up to it, giving him his epithet Iron Masks Duval.


King wears most commonly darkish garments that absolutely duvet his frame, together with a masks over his face and a spiked hat with goggles on it. Flames additionally seem to be emitting from the again of his head.


Sogeking is Usopp’s alter-ego that he evolved throughout the Water 7 and Enies Foyer Arcs after he left the group. He swiftly disguised himself in a masks and cape and started calling himself “Sogeking”. Sogeking’s trademark masks is from the Sea Teach Puffing Tom: as Sanji leaves the closing automobile of the Sea Teach, the masks is visual sitting in an open suitcase. It was once almost certainly left over from the masks competition that was once happening on a close-by island on the time. The Sogeking dress is simplest whole when Usopp accommodates his favourite goggles into the masks’s eye holes.

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