Top 10 Swordsmen Stronger Than Roronoa Zoro

Top 10 Swordsmen Stronger Than Roronoa Zoro


Cracker wields an enormous double-edged sword named Pretzel, a blade greater than himself with a crossguard formed like a biscuit. He claims that this can be a distinctive sword which has no friends.Cracker’s Biscuit Squaddies every wield a number of a lot greater replicas of Pretzel constituted of biscuit.Cracker is terribly professional in wielding Pretzel, as he can assault in no time regardless of the sword’s measurement. Blended with Busoshoku Haki, he used to be in a position to chop via Luffy’s Tools Fourth-enhanced Haki defenses together with his sword.


“Flower Sword” Vista is the fifth department commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He is without doubt one of the maximum outstanding contributors of his workforce.Vista has strange mastery in twin wielding swordsmanship or even Mihawk recognizes his talents. Vista even controlled to deflect Mihawk’s flying slash assault which is strong sufficient to chop via battleships. Within the anime, he used to be additionally in a position to dam bullets together with his swords to give protection to his allies from being shot whilst escaping.


Jack the Drought is an All-Famous person of the Beasts Pirates, one in every of Kaido’s 3 right-hand males, referred to as the Failures.Jack is very gifted in twin wielding his Shotel blades, in a position to battle similarly with Nekomamushi and Inuarashi, the 2 most powerful minks within the Mokomo Dukedom, in one-on-one battle. He used to be additionally in a position to combating frivolously in opposition to the famend thief Shutenmaru, whom even Kaido had taken an hobby in, and controlled to injure Shutenmaru ahead of their battle used to be reduce quick. Particularly, even supposing Shutenmaru had controlled to bring to an end lots of the blade on one in every of his shotels, Jack used to be nonetheless in a position to battle competently with the quick rest of its blade.


Shutenmaru is the chief of the Atamayama Thieves who are living someplace in Wano Nation. Previous to this, he went by way of the identify Ashura Doji and served beneath Kozuki Oden till the latter’s loss of life 20 years in the past.Shutenmaru is an impressive grasp swordsman. With one slash, he used to be in a position to present Jack a big reduce throughout his chest and ruin one in every of his shotel blades. He then proceeded to battle frivolously with Kaido’s right-hand guy in what spectators thought to be to be a high-level duel. Consistent with Kinemon, Shutenmaru used to be some of the robust of Oden’s retainers along Kawamatsu and Denjiro.


Kizaru is an admiral within the Marines. He ate the Pika Pika no Mi, a Logia-type Satan Fruit that grants him the powers of the part of sunshine.Kizaru has proven extraordinarily gifted ability in wielding his Ama no Murakumo mild power sword. He may just duel Silvers Rayleigh, who’s an immensely robust swordsman, to a draw regardless of having his Logia intangibility negated by way of Rayleigh’s Haki.


Fujitora is a Marine Admiral. He ate the Zushi Zushi no Mi, a Paramecia-type Satan Fruit that permits him to control gravity round a designated location at will by way of sending gravitational forces.Whilst different Admirals had been proven to most commonly depend on their Satan Fruit talents in struggle, Fujitora wields a shikomizue (a cane sword) in tandem together with his Satan Fruit skill.Fujitora wields his sword in a reverse-grip taste, with the blade pointing within the course reverse of his thumb. Regardless of his blindness, Fujitora has proven to be a particularly robust and professional.


Silvers Rayleigh, sometimes called the “Darkish King”, is the previous first mate of the Roger Pirates, referred to as the “Proper Hand of the Pirate King”.Rayleigh is a drastically robust and professional swordsman, even though he claims to have degraded in ability quite from his more youthful and fitter days. he can create extraordinarily robust compressed air slashes and will mix Busoshoku Haki together with his swordsmanship, permitting him to battle equivalently with Kizaru, who himself is a extremely professional swordsman.


Shiki the Golden Lion, sometimes called the “Flying Pirate”, is the admiral of the Golden Lion Pirates and the primary identified prisoner ever to flee from Impel Down.Shiki possesses nice talents in swordsmanship as he dual-wielded Oto and Kogarashi to single-handedly bloodbath a whole military of Marines ahead of getting subdued by way of Garp and Sengoku.After the 2 swords become his prosthetic legs, no longer handiest he has little problem in status or strolling whilst the usage of them, he’s additionally in a position to attacking from a distance with them by way of sending slashes from his sword legs in a Rankyaku like model. Those air-blades have a light-yellow/gold color-scheme, matching his epithet.He additionally combines his sword talents together with his Fuwa Fuwa no Mi, a Paramecia variety Satan Fruit which permits him to make surrounding non-living topic levitate as soon as he has are available in touch with it.


“Pink-Haired” Shanks is the captain of the Pink Hair Pirates and a member of the Yonko that rule over the New International.As the previous rival of Mihawk who’s referred to as the arena’s biggest swordsman, Shanks himself is an immensely robust swordsman.He may just fit a blow from Whitebeard with just one arm, which is a testomony of his prowess in swordsmanship. Shanks may be robust sufficient to simply protect in opposition to Akainu’s magma fist the usage of handiest his sword and Busoshoku Haki.


With regards to battle, Mihawk is the only biggest swordsman alive on the planet, confirmed by way of his absolute mastery of swordsmanship: two years in the past, he used to be in a position to without problems defeating a 3 sword-wielding Zoro with a unmarried dagger that he normally makes use of as a dinner knife. He has been identified to have often dueled with the Yonko Shanks once they had been more youthful.Mihawk demonstrates super dexterity and ultimate ability in swordsmanship, particularly when the usage of his major sword, Yoru. His swordsmanship is terribly flexible, from destroying complete fleets of ships and massive icebergs with immense energy, to having the ability to deflect the process bullets with masterful and sleek precision. He’s additionally in a position to chop via metal with immense ease and swiftness.

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