Why Dragon was present at Gol D. Roger’s Execution? – One Piece Anime and Manga

Why Dragon was present at Gol D. Roger’s Execution? – OP Fanpage

In bankruptcy 0, all over Roger’s execution, we see a number of infamous pirates found in Loguetown like Shanks, Buggy, Doflamingo, Mihawk, Moriah, Crocodile.We additionally see the notorious Monkey D. Dragon prior to he were given his tattoo.

Why would he have any passion within the execution of the Pirate King? He’s the one one with a moderately involved and critical glance within the panel. (You may say Mihawk as neatly, however Mihawk turns out like he’s simply simply staring at)

Together with Buggy and Shanks, he’s the one one that turns out a little bit fearful or unhappy for the execution. Now not totally tearing up or sobbing like Shanks or Buggy, but it surely’s nearly as though he have been involved or – on the very least – understood, to a point, why Roger selected to be accomplished.

Is it imaginable that he can have spoken to Roger someday prior to his execution? Perhaps Roger known him as Garp’s son and a fellow member of the D.

I believe that Roger and Dragon undoubtedly met. I imagine that Roger can have spoken a little bit in regards to the historical past of the Global and the Poneglyphs with Dragon – seeing as that he relied on Garp very a lot and that he used to be additionally a D. After the execution, I imagine Dragon used to be impressed to start out the Progressive Military.

Dragon has an excellent sense of justice, as we noticed within the ASL flashback, when he notes that Sabo thinks identical to he thinks in regards to the standing of the nobles and the way society labored.Within the Reverie flashback of Vivi, we noticed that Dragon had simply started to be known as a danger to the Global Govt, so he couldn’t were a Progressive on the time of Roger’s execution.In bankruptcy 100, as Luffy is spared from being accomplished by means of Buggy, we see Dragon with a moderately badass self-monologue.

“That which can’t be stopped: inherited will, a person’s dream, and the float of time. So long as a person continues to hunt the solutions to freedom, these items shall by no means be stopped” – Those have been the phrases of Gol D. Roger. I imagine Roger spoke those phrases DIRECTLY to Dragon, prior to having stated it to the general public in his execution.

-Inherited Will: I imagine Roger can have informed Dragon in regards to the lineage of the D. Similar to he informed Whitebeard about it.

-A Guy’s Dream: I imagine this can be a connection with what the Roger Pirates realized in regards to the Historical Kingdom and the Will in their chief – Pleasure Boy.

-The Drift of Time: It’s been 800 years for the reason that fall of the Historical Kingdom and the tip of the Void Century – handiest time will deliver these items in combination in movement.

Even though I don’t suppose Dragon knew everything of the Void Century as Roger, Rayleigh, and the others did, I imagine Dragon’s studying of the Will of D set out on a venture to overthrow the Global Govt and their injustice to deliver it True Justice and Freedom.

For this reason Dragon were given the ones Shandian-like tattoos on his face – possibly as an indication of his lineage to the D extended family and the Historical Kingdom – as we all know the Shandian’s have been, on the very least, an best friend of Pleasure Boy and the Historical Kingdom.

*Idea by means of Raymar07

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No wonder the store owner ignored the cat eating, the cat actually owned the place. Lol Proof: take a closer look at sack, it’s her face.