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Why there were no Devil Fruit Users on Roger’s ship – OP Fanpage

As everyone knows, we discover out beautiful quickly within the tale that Buggy and Shanks had been each at the similar send. Within the flashbacks you’ll even see Rayleigh breaking apart a combat between the ones two and Scopper Caban preventing.

In a while within the tale we discover out that the ones two had been if truth be told at the Pirate King’s send.

So why would there be no satan fruit customers at the send of Gol D. Roger(a minimum of this present day of the flashback)? In bankruptcy 19, the bankruptcy with Buggy’s reminiscences of his time on Roger’s send we see him remembering once they discovered the satan fruit. According to this, Shanks and the team’s response turns out like they haven’t observed one earlier than, or the results of a satan fruit.

“What?! Was once it a pretend?”

“Neatly the tale of the satan’s fruit used to be a rumored tale from the beginning”

I suppose it’s beautiful glaring that if someone at the send had a satan fruit energy, they’d say one thing like “Neatly, I suppose we need to to find out what energy you were given” or “Neatly, it needed to be a pretend one”. However as an alternative they doubt the life or a minimum of the impact of satan culmination, which individually means that they haven’t observed one earlier than.

Clearly you’ll argue that it’s in point of fact early within the tale and Oda handled satan culmination like an actual abnormalty and adjusted Roger’s team since 1997 when bankruptcy 19 used to be launched, which can perhaps be the case. However in accordance with present launched chapters we will think that there have been no satan fruit customers on Roger’s team, a minimum of on the time Buggy were given his satan fruit powers.

*Idea via TGForrest

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