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For years there were a number of hints that Zoro is from Wano, and I’m right here to inform you my idea on how he and Wano may well be hooked up.

Need do we all know up to now:

1- Zoro is lately 21 years old2- Kurozumi Orochi and Kaido killed Oden and took over Wano 20 yr in the past

3- Ryuma’s Grave was once robbed 23 years ago4- When Ryuma was once alive, he had a putting resemblance to Zoro.

5- When Momonosuke shouted “Grasp!” (a shout that he discovered from Zoro), Kiku informed him that it got here from an historic dialect and informed him to not say it; implying the phrase and its origins are taboo in Wano.

6- Again when the Kozuki Circle of relatives dominated over Wano Nation, Yasu served because the daimyo of Hakumai. His actual title is Shimotsuki Yasuie.Shimotsuki may be the title of the village Zoro grew up in!

7- Koushirou (Zoro’s first sensei) got here from Wano in line with indisputable fact that Hyougoro informed Luffy the similar factor Koushirou informed Zoro throughout his coaching. Within the symbol beneath you’ll be able to additionally understand the emblem of pass swords. The similar image we already noticed on Koshiro’s garments!

8- Tenguyama Hitetsu has been final in hiding stayed within the ruins of Amigasa village with a view to watch for somebody.

9- Gyukimaru (The Warrior Monk) was once adamant about Ryuma and made up our minds to stay Zoro clear of the burial

My Idea:

Zoro is a in fact the descendant and inheritor of the similar extended family that Ryuma got here from.

The Extended family was once as soon as revered and famend in Wano for centuries, but if Ryuma’s grave was once robbed 23 years in the past the extended family that sworn to offer protection to it was once shamed all the way through Wano and thought to be taboo to discuss. Orochi discovered the shamed clans’ chief (Zoro’s father) and his retainers Koushirou, Hitetsu, Gyukimaru taking shelter in Amigasa village 20 years in the past and sought out to recruit them to lend a hand take down Oden, however they refused as a result of they nonetheless sought after to face via their honor and now not kill Oden. The enraged Orochi determined to kill them for turning him down; in consequence Zoro’s father was once killed leaving at the back of Zoro (who could be a 365 days outdated child at this level) and the retainers. So as to offer protection to Zoro, Koushirou determined to go away Wano promising his fellow retainers that he would go back as soon as the reign of Orochi was once over. Koushirou fled and concealed within the East Blue to the place he sorted Zoro at a distance and educate him as a swordsman.

*Idea via NationalStrategy

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