Zoro’s Three Final Swords

Zoro’s Three Final Swords

We all know Zoro won’t ever lose Wado Ichimonji.

In the newest bankruptcy we see that Zoro accredited Enma in change for returning Shusui.

Within the earlier bankruptcy, it used to be presented Ame no Habakiri. Being one of the crucial 21 O Wazamono swords, Ame no Habakiri is a particularly robust sword on par with Enma. In line with Hitetsu, it might probably lower even the “heavens”.

As soon as wielded by means of Kozuki Oden, along his different blade, Enma, it used to be bequeathed to his son, Kozuki Momonosuke. Since Momonosuke is recently this sort of weakling (along with his idolization of Zoro as a swordsman => there’s a reason Momonosuke desires to be educated by means of Zoro and blindly adopted the “sunacchi!” combat cry Zoro most probably discussed in passing/part heartedly) he can not even contact Ame no Habakiri. Maximum cursed swords can’t be touched by means of weaklings (or they get possessed) and Oda seems to apply the stereotype that the more potent the curse, the more potent the sword.

Until Hitetsu goes to magically improve Sandai Kitetsu (which is unattainable in an actual international bladesmithing mechanics in that the good majority of a blades high quality is decided by means of its advent. As soon as the blade is done, best minuscule adjustments may also be made and basically best repairs), Zoro will most probably take Ame no Habakiri too.

In order that leaves Zoro with 3 swords of the second one tier (nice grade). Some is also considering, wouldn’t Zoro get 3 best grade swords? The important thing side is the black blade improve. Zoro will lead them to into the best grade during the magical blackening. I might think the ideas comes after the conflict(s) end, however Hitetsu’s feedback signifies he is aware of the precise mechanics of this “sword awakening”.

It’s going to take a number of arcs, however I totally be expecting Zoro to have all 3 turn into black blades and this upgrades them to turn into ideal grade swords.

*Principle by means of Seiryu

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