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China’s Gameplay of Deception

Did you even think that China is as strong as what the world see it? What if they are orchestrating a great act of deception all along. Well, let's focus it here on this article.

In the last article, I wrote about China I focus on some point of how it becomes a demi-superpower and economic paramount of today's world. Now in this article, I will be pointing out some of it's "weakness" but don't worry this is not going to debunk the stature of China from my Understanding The Strength of China article. I will list down point in which the country of 1.4 billion people created to make it look massive or magnify it's the accomplishment they brag about if that how it is in the first place. The thing is not all that China claim that they were able to accomplish is fit with facts and logical reason.

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Chinese Deception of its Military Force

Act strongly when you're weak and act weak when you're strong.

Deception is a core of military strategy but once uncover this will reveal a lot of things about the strategy and perhaps bring a doom consequence. This is incorporated in Sun Tzu The Art of War and it looks like China is using this very context of showing the force of its military might.

At the end of my other article about China, I pointed out the military enhancement they made that boosted their claim of being the most influential superpower state. They have a tendency of bragging about certain things and sometimes with exaggeration. Even with a huge accusation of massive corruption in it's military institution. The proof of this is President Xi Jinping created an anti-corruption hotline which by definition eliminating corruption since there is a massive graft happening already. This one sound familiar since President Duterte also implement similar project.

Another noticeable thing about the structure of Chinese Military is that top generals were also officers of the communist party. The affiliation to the party often results to favorable action for the communist party rather than the China as a country. An undisputed reality about the China military that proves that the military might isn’t what we originally thought they were but a phantom of massive para-military of the communist party of China.

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China and Russia

We all thought that the relationship between China and Russia (USSR) is bond by similarity and blood-brothers since this two influential country has been each other arms way back during Cold-War. In the previews article, I wrote about China, Russia supplies them an S-400 Missile Defense Systems this advanced air barrier framework is fit for launching three types of rockets, making a layered safeguard, and can at the same time connect with 36 targets. Russia has been a major supplier of the Chinese military, supplying technology, arsenals, and information. The problem arises as China tries to reverse-engineer the technology Russia provide as this pose threat to Billions a year revenue but also to the capability of China to mass produce a certain technology.

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Anti-aircraft missile system S-300 via SOROS SUPIM

The Chinese military has also some shady system when it comes to dealing with its cadets. They cadets consume 30% - 40% of their time studying communist party propaganda rather than the militarily related task which is nothing to do with the severity of China as an independent state. Surely propaganda has its own perks when it comes to boosting morale in the campaign. So why is it important to let them know about the ideals of a political party? Did you know that the last major military deployment was 1989 in Beijing?

China Economy is a Deception Created by Bubble

China started recorded as the fastest growing economy with an outstanding growth averaging 10% for the past 30 years. Now, this figure is really impressive but how true is this?

Poverty Line

 World Bank said that China lifted more than 800 millions people out of poverty. It sounds incredible but you have to understand that living out poverty does not mean living a comfortable life. This is due to the fact that the World Bank describes the poverty line as “living under the international standard of US$ 1.90 a day per person". This definition implies that once a person who earn above this line they are called low-income earners. With this data, we can see that around 900 million Chinese citizens are low-income earners with a roughly 80 million living less than US$ 1.00 a day per person and the rest of the population of 1.3 Billion people is middle-class or upper-class.

The significant number of Chinese people who are living as Ant Tribe (yǐzú) is the most visible proof for this matter. A large number of university graduates who are living on a low-income or below are living in a poverty-level in the urban area of China. Is this the people China bragging about being lifted into poverty?

Disaster of One Child Policy

In the attempt to control the growing population during 1970’s China restrict the number of childbirth by limiting a child per family. This very policy has a huge drawback that policymakers never anticipated. They were so focused on controlling the population that they ignore the fact that everyone grows old which lead the program to be the worst family planning program in history. Since it created a vacuum of more elderly people than the young once after two generation. A single person has to take care of his two parents with four pairs of a grandparent and soon. The irony is that their most important asset which is its human capital was one of China’s biggest liability.

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