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Psychology Behind Cosmetic Surgery

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  • Our society greatly progresses from technology, culture, and belief which leads to the change of our morality. The trend of cosmetic surgery has become rampant and much more affordable than it used to be. This practice is much noticeable in the field of entertainment.

    Can you blame me for admiring her beauty? I mean look at her.

    When I was watching the Love 020 (TV series) I was captivated by the alluring beauty of Ms. Zheng Shuang (鄭爽 | 郑爽). As my curiosity kicks in I google her information until I stumble upon an article about her admitting ((Zheng Shuang admits of having plastic surgery)) having been involved in beauty enhancement.

    I was stunned for a moment, but what really amazed me was the courage she shown to tell the world about the surgery, this lead me to write this article.

    Behind the Mask

    Psychology of Cosmetic Surgery

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    The 21st century brings us a lot of progress of science and technology which push our understanding of a lot of things.  In the field of medicine unprecedented discoveries of medical cures, high tech medical machine, bionics, and even the artificially creating body tissue. Cosmetic surgery continues to grow in popularity in our society, perhaps stimulated by a temptation of physical rejuvenation. The populace has been greatly inspired by the extreme exposure of media.

    Slowly Cosmetic Surgery become part a norm for beauty and self-acceptance apart from wanting to be acknowledged by the public, family or by someone they admire. This turn into vanity, the urge to fell and look younger.

    anxiety, obsession and security are common reason why seek cosmetic changes. Click To TweetAnother aspect which greatly contributes to the rise of acceptance of reshaping someone natural appearance was the obsession. The feeling of a little change meant a lot for them. The amount of improvement that the surgery could give to them could ultimately bring up the anxiety. Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a mental disorder or to be specific an anxiety disorder in which you can't stop thinking about one or more perceived defects or flaws in his or her appearance. BDD prompt a quest for cosmetic surgery, but it only gives a temporal satisfaction.

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    10 Pinoy Celebrities who proudly admitted that they had plastic surgeries via WhatsUp Pinoy

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    But not all of these people have some problem with insecurity or obsession. In the case of an entertainer or actress/actor, they have to protect their asset and so who are we to judge them for that? As their work often require it.

    The other case which above explanation isn't applicable was medical needs. For example a scar, appearance disability that can be fixed by a cosmetic surgery or any cases that are not in term of what they want but by their needs.

    Whatever their reason is whether it is for a self-satisfaction to restore the sense of peace or by external conflict. The result they seek and deserved by the admittance of doing cosmetic surgery is beyond respect. And for those who are tempted by committing to the change the surgery can offer no matter what your decision is, unconditional self-acceptance is needed above anything else.

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