Extraterrestrial Genetic Manipulation and the Starting of the Human Being

The human being has all the time dreamed of area. Planets and stars have fascinated humanity all through historical past. If our area shuttles might sometime, sooner or later, take us past our photo voltaic system, wouldn’t then be the journey to see and admire the great thing about alien worlds? We’d almost certainly attempt to create a human colony on a kind of alien planets.

Why is it so onerous for some to objectively think about the chance that our planet was visited, within the distant previous, by area vacationers from one other nook of the galaxy? For the reason that Universe is house to quite a few clever beings, it’s logical to imagine that the earth might simply have been visited by a number of alien species in prehistoric occasions.

They got here to this planet, created humanity and fought battles between themselves and different alien species. These divine beings restored life on our planet after every cataclysm. His information was so immense and his powers so monumental that over time, individuals started to deal with these extraterrestrial guests as “Gods.”

Those that should not very acquainted with the Idea of Historical Astronauts (Historical Astronauts concept) typically ask: Is there any proof of an extraterrestrial go to in antiquity? The reply is sure! In truth, our gods left clues for us, scattered all around the planet. All we have to do is look at the proof. It’s disappointing that the scientific institution is extraordinarily mounted in its doctrines.

New discoveries and different theories, which contradict and put stress on already well-established ideas should not welcome in any method. That’s the greatest drawback for all of us who search the reality behind the human origins and the id of our star gods. Harmful discoveries, which threaten the orthodox line of historical past, are both referred to as fakes, or just hidden away from the general public! Regardless of current scientific progress in a number of areas, generally it appears as if we by no means actually depart behind the Darkish Ages!

The Alien Gods had been Genetic Engineers
One in all our greatest gaps exceeded lately has occurred within the space of ​​genetic engineering. These days we people, we handle genetic engineering and we will produce clones that breathe, suppose and act like us. Whether or not this motion is moral or not has been broadly debated.

Surveys present that most individuals are undoubtedly in opposition to genetic manipulation, however that isn’t a very powerful concern at this level. Important is the truth that now we have confirmed that people are able to creating new life. This conclusion routinely leads us to a different very fascinating and extremely controversial query.

If people can produce new life varieties, might then the whole human race itself be a product of genetic intervention executed by extremely superior aliens?

DNA: The Tree of Life?
Our DNA accommodates the important thing to the thriller of human origins. Our ancestors mentioned:


There are tons of of myths of creation from all around the globe, all inform of individuals from the celebs who got here to this planet and sowed life within the distant previous. How might the alien gods produce fashionable man?

The gods of the celebs might have created homo sapiens as a result of they had been glorious scientists and possessed information, not solely within the space of ​​areas similar to particular flight, astronomy, agriculture, structure, medication, but in addition genetic engineering. We should not overlook that extraterrestrial genetic engineering gives an answer to the extremely centered change in human DNA, and explains the sudden look of Homo sapiens.

The extraterrestrial gods manipulated and improved present animal species. This resulted within the creation of the primary primitive types of humanity that preceded ours. Primitive types of life, similar to Neanderthal man, homo erectus, and Cro-Magnon man, are early extraterrestrial genetic experiments. Our planet served as a genetic laboratory for the aliens who had been right here lively prior to now.

In response to quite a few historical and sacred texts, myths and legends, the extraterrestrial gods repeatedly tried to create clever beings. Our extraterrestrial gods created a number of human races throughout totally different epochs of time. A few of these races had been the giants, which we present in sacred books and mythology from all around the world. The Nephilim, talked about within the Bible, had been, for instance, a genetic creation of the “fallen angels,” a gaggle of area males who rebelled in opposition to their chief, Yahweh.

A Results of Genetic Battle
A number of the genetically created creatures possessed extraordinary knowledge and an extended lifespan. They had been virtually as highly effective because the gods themselves.

A number of mythological tales typically inform of immortal gods. Within the eyes of people, the extraordinarily lengthy span of life might simply have been interpreted as an indication of immortality. We should not overlook that beforehand created human races lived for much longer than fashionable man does at this time. A traditional instance of this long-lived humanity could be discovered within the Bible.

Adam, the primary man is alleged to have lived 930 years, Seth, the second patriarch obtained an age of 912 years, Enos lived 905 years, Cainan lived 910 years, Mahalaleel lived 895 years, and Jared lived 962 years. Enoch was solely 365 years outdated when Yahweh “took him”, Methuselah lived 969 years and Lamec lived 777 years. The hero who escaped the Nice Flood, Noah, lived 950 years.

The Popol Vuh, the sacred guide of the Maya-Quiche tells a narrative of extraterrestrial gods that got here down from the heavens, because the Bible declares, create Man in his personal picture. Nonetheless, the creation of humanity was not a one-time process, however slightly a steady course of, repeated a number of occasions over an extended interval.

The creation story described intimately within the Popol Vuh exhibits that fashionable man was the results of genetic interventions made by our extraterrestrial creators. The Popol Vuh affirms that the created being had no mother and father.

Was the primary human being maybe a take a look at tube child? There are lots of fascinating information from all around the world, which provide a deep perception into the true id of the traditional gods and the messages they left behind for future generations.

A Problem for Orthodox Science
In fact, it could be naive to assert that extraterrestrials had been liable for the creation of humanity, if we solely assist this concept primarily based on historical myths of creation. The myths of the creation of our ancestors are only one vital piece within the fascinating puzzle that reveals the reality about human origins and our connection to the cosmos. Anomalous findings clearly present us that the human previous is way more controversial than that introduced within the historical past books.

It’s a indisputable fact that there are a selection of apparent defects within the concept of evolution. This controversial concept now raises extra questions than ever. It’s well-known that evolution has confirmed to be a really gradual course of. It has taken thousands and thousands of years for some species to evolve, and within the case of contemporary man, it is just a matter of some thousand years earlier than it reached a extremely superior mental stage.

The speculation of evolution doesn’t clarify the rising human cranial capability. Nor does it clarify the unusual fossils of the anatomically fashionable man, which has been unearthed all around the world. These fossils date again to durations when it’s mentioned that prehistoric animals dominated the planet. There’s proof exhibiting that folks much like us lived way back to 55 million years in the past!

There’s an in depth variety of archaeological discoveries that don’t match the normal mannequin of human prehistory. These findings shouldn’t be ignored and systematically hidden away from public view. The human skeletons of thousands and thousands of years outdated which were found all around the world are remnants of males residing in one of many previous ages, described within the native myths.

In response to the Mayan sages, the Aztecs, the Incas, the Hopis, the Hindu beliefs, the Hebrew traditions, the Greek mythology and different historical texts and cultures, a number of human races have lived in the course of the previous ages, or world cycles. Every of the previous ages has ended because of a cataclysm. The extraterrestrial gods have later recreated humanity and restored life on Earth.

As defined within the guide “Voices of Legendary Occasions,” the proof clearly signifies that the creation of contemporary man just isn’t the results of a technique of linear evolution, however slightly a technique of cyclical creation, intelligently supervised and managed by beings with the next thoughts – our extraterrestrial gods of the celebs!

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