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Are you a webcomic artist? Assuming you already got your webcomic ready and done polishing it. Now you are at the part where most of the artist back down due to strange of technology. This is where you ask yourself "where am I going to host my webcomic?".

You need to get those comic strips facilitated on the Internet for the world to see.

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Facilitating Webcomic online can be costly yet it doesn't need to be. It's like facilitating a blog, however, because of the graphical idea of the medium, you'll require more data transfer capacity per visitor than a blog would require. This won't be quite a bit of an issue until the point when you have an expansive crowd, however, so don't stress over it until the point that you need to.

Here is the list of 5 most popular 3rd party webcomic hosting.

On the off chance that another person has your comic, you don't need to stress over the headaches of organizing webcomic website. All you need to do is focus on drawing your comics and upload them when they're be the one to worry about hosting stresses over bandwidth, security, and so forth. What's more, is that you won't need to pay a penny.

The drawback is that you surrender some control of your webcomic to them. Consider the possibility that the site goes down. There's not a lot you can do aside from hold up. Imagine a scenario where you need a custom design for your webcomic site. Not generally conceivable. Worst case scenario, what if the host decides that they no longer want to be a host? What a nightmare. (Looking at you MangaMagazine / InkBlazers)

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Notwithstanding the drawbacks, letting the 3rd party host your webcomic have is a good idea too in case you're a hobbyist or uncertain in the event that you'll stay with webcomics as time goes on. Here are some free webcomic hosting you might need to consider.

Comic Fury. Since this host likewise serves as a catalog of sorts, you can get a free reputation for your webcomic essentially by facilitating it here. Different advantages incorporate adjustable site designs, writing a blog, RSS channels, and peruser remarks.

The Duck. This website is something else other than a free host; it's one of the biggest and oldest webcomic groups on the web. Not exclusively do they give composing and attracting instructional exercises to a webcomic artist, yet the front page spotlights different webcomics as per diverse criteria.

Comic Genesis. In return for one flag advertisement on your website, Comic Genesis gives free boundless hosting for your webcomic. The main advantages incorporate custom web composition, worked in content administration, free community access, and a subdomain at

Tapastic / Tapas. This is more like a community rather than a hosting. They focus on website engagement rather than impression but on the bright side, they offer incentive from the percentage of ads your webcomic provided to them.

Webtoons. A company generally new to the competition but already build an enormous fan base due to the reputation of its Korean counterpart. This hosting focus on impression than any other host.

Smack Jeeves. This is the combination of community-based and hosting base service. They also provide free webcomic hosting which you can upgrade for the premium to unlock more features such as; ability to use your own domain.

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