Historical past is a Lie: three Superior Discoveries Made 1000’s of Years In the past in Historical India

Thrice historical past has LIED about groundbreaking discoveries.

They are saying that historical past is written by the winners, and this isn’t extra true than in scientific breakthroughs.

We’re taught in class about the best way sure legal guidelines of the universe work, however we’re additionally informed who ‘found’ them.

Nonetheless, there are particular occasions when the historical past books are incorrect.

The legal guidelines of gravity, atomic flight principle and flight had been all found approach earlier than the Western world believes they had been.


Should you ask somebody who found the legal guidelines of gravity, they may most likely say Isaac Newton. When in actuality, it was labored our far sooner than him by an Indian mathematician referred to as Bhaskaracharya.

His works ‘Lilaviti’ and ‘Bijaganita’ are little-known by the remainder of the world, however they really comprise the secrets and techniques of gravity. These works had been written some 500 years earlier than Newton ‘found’ gravity.

Bhaskaracharya writes:

“Objects fall on earth as a consequence of a pressure of attraction by the earth. Due to this fact, the earth, planets, constellations, the moon, and the solar are held in orbit as a consequence of this attraction.”


We think about that the invention of flying machines are solely 100 or so years previous. However once more, this isn’t true. There are Historical Indian transcripts by which ‘flying machines’ are described. These futuristic descriptions of flying machines are thought thus far again to the Ramayana and Mahabharata occasions. 

Curiously, they describe several types of flying machines – machines which may journey from place to position; those who journey from one nation to a different;  and eventually ones which journey between planets. These unusual descriptions have additionally been disregarded of the historical past books. And naturally, there may be the unexplained hieroglyphs of the helicopter.

Atomic Concept

The atom bomb and sub-atomic principle is one other scientific mannequin which most individuals assume was found within the 20th century. Opposite to this perception, there may be proof to recommend that’s was truly found 2,600 years in the past in Historical India.

An Indian Sage known as Kashyap documented what he known as ‘Kanad,’ as ‘Kan’ which suggests ‘the smallest particle’ in Sanskrit. He even adopted these names as nicknames after dedicating his time to particles. He theorized that anu (atoms) may very well be linked in several methods to supply totally different outcomes, that is the idea of all atomic principle.

Kashyap defined chemical adjustments reminiscent of warmth and the blackening of a pot over time, and theorized that this is because of chemical reactions that the human eye can not see.


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