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How to stay focus when reading

  • In today’s world, we have a lot of distraction that could yourself easily distracted from reading a book? Since reading requires focus a single distraction would cause a lot of inconvenience for any reader. When you finally isolate yourself for a few hours from the busy environment around you if you want to finish or start reading.

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    Try these tips to create a distraction-free and comfortable reading experience.

    1. Avoid Gadget – Make yourself a free from technology such as phone, laptop, tablet etc. This was the most distracting when reading. Setting your phone to airplane mode would help a lot. You won’t need them when reading except your reading ebooks which are the exemption of this.
    2. Be comfortable position – Never read a book while laying on your bed or couch as it is tiring for your hands but also bad for your eyes. Always be at a comfortable sitting position facing a wall or maybe a window overlooking your surrounding if you get easily distracted this won’t help but instead try to face where the doors, hallways, and areas where there’s a lot of motion and you may get distracted from people walking by.

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    3. Set interval and Goal – According to Peter Drucker as regards one of the foundations of modern business corporation due to his philosophical and practical theories. He said that a human can only focus on a single task for 50 mins then he needs a rest. This could lead to a more productive team than letting them go on beyond the interval. With his argument you should try to read on a timely manners then take a rest. Then set a goal like, finishing a chapter as it would help a lot when reading.
    4. Listen to music – Not because you need to focus and you set your phone to airplane mode you can’t use it. You can, listen to a relaxing music just try to avoid music that could pump you up as it won’t help you at all when reading. Or if you don’t want to listen to music and you’d rather work in silence. They are comfortable and designed to block out any noise including traffic and people talking in the room next door.
    5. Be ready – Before beginning to your book start the ritual of preparing a cup of coffee or tea, pen, and bookmarker or any other things you deem to be needed when your reading. This is to avoid stoppage and interruption as it could take away your enthusiasm on reading.
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