4 Concerning, Security – Related, Behaviors, By The President

4 Concerning, Security - Related, Behaviors, By The President 1

With all the focus on the so – called, Mueller Investigations, and recent hearings, much of our attention, unfortunately, has been focused on the political aspects, when, we probably should be far more concerned, about the overall implications, for the future of this nation. Perhaps, because President Trump, has, been, in many ways, far different from his predecessors (behavior, training, experience, language, ethical standards, etc), we’ve concentrated on personality issues, his personal/ political agenda, and his apparent emphasis, on his self – interest! One specific area, which I believe, we must be concerned with, is security – related issues/ concerns, based on the behavior, actions, rhetoric, and emphasis, of the current occupant of the White House. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 security – related behaviors, which might/ should be concerning.

1. Articulating, he believes Russia, and Putin’s denials, more than accepting the US intelligence professionals: When nearly every United States Intelligence professional, as well as the FBI, Mueller Investigation, and, very recently, the Senate’s Intelligence Committee, agreeing, Russia has been trying to effect our elections, etc, since, at least 2014. Although, President Trump, continues, referring to this, as the Russian Hoax, even if, his campaign, behaved perfectly properly, regarding any interference, shouldn’t we all be concerned about any foreign nation, attacking our electoral process, by cyber – hacking? Although, Congress, previously, allotted monies, to start addressing this, Trump’s government, has not spent, a penny, towards addressing this possibility! How can our citizens believe, we have free elections, and believe in our democracy, unless we do, all we can, to protect them? Of course, many professionals believe, that might be the top priority of this Russian interference!

2. Vetoing, Congress’ complaint, about selling arms to Saudi Arabia, and the UAE: Human Rights observers have proclaimed, Saudi Arabia, has been guilty of human rights violations, especially, regarding Yemen. Foreign governments have warned, Saudi Arabia, and its Crown Prince, were involved in the killing of a Washington Post journalist. If we don’t stand – up, as the voice demanding human rights, then we are giving – up, our position as the leader of the free world! Yet, President Trump, refuses to blame the Saudis, and is willing to sell them arms, regardless of these violations!

3. Future election security: The President, and his administration, have urged Republican leaders, to ignore the need, to address protecting election security. His government hasn’t spent, any previous monies, expended, Senate Majority Leader McConnell has refused, on multiple occasions, to bring a vote to the Senate’s floor, and certain GOP Senators, have proclaimed, election security, would give Democrats a political advantage. Think about that – the excuse is, ensuring our votes are protected, is not universally in the nation’s best – interests!

4. President Trump has stated, in the future, he would certainly consider, accepting foreign assistance, in an election: Most Constitutional experts proclaim, when one is offered foreign assistance, a potential elected official, should immediately, report it to the FBI, etc. Special Counsel Mueller warns, Russia is our greatest threat. Yet, President Trump, proclaims, he disagrees, and, while, the whole thing, has been a hoax, he would certainly consider, listening, in the future!

Wake up, America, protecting our nation’s security, and election integrity, must be a priority, regardless of one’s political agenda, beliefs, etc. We are at a point, where, is we don’t do something, now, it might become too late, in the future!

What do you think?

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