Covert Hypnosis and the Art of War

Covert Hypnosis and the Art of War 1

The most influential people who ever lived all had one thing in common: They used the principles of warfare and military science to empower them in their struggles with other people.

The art of war and the art of persuasion may be different but in theory both of these arts give people victory over conflict. These arts teach us how to get what we want. Covert hypnosis utilizes mental techniques to achieve victory, and the art of war uses mostly physical techniques to achieve victory.

World leaders, public speakers, and even politicians have continually been benefiting from the principles of ancient warfare by adapting the principles of warfare to gain an advantage in their own struggles and conflicts with other people that they encounter in social environments. For this reason political science places an enormous emphasis upon the writings of Machiavelli.

Machiavelli was perhaps the first political theorist to successfully adapt the principles of warfare to politics, leadership, and other forms of personal power. If anyone desires to get a degree in political science, they have no choice but to immerse themselves in the writings of Machiavelli. So, since politicians have learned how to obtain power through the study and application of the principles of warfare, perhaps you can learn how to use the art of war to your advantage as well?

It is a fact that we are all fighting for something. We may be fighting for better jobs, for a better relationship with someone we love, or for a higher status that will make it much easier for us to get the things we want. Everyone who desires to become great or who wants to become great must learn how to overcome conflicts and struggles. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it!

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