Great Things About Turning 60

Great Things About Turning 60 1

If 40 is the new 50 the 60 must be the new 50, right? Whatever. Turning sixty has some definite advantages and your sixties can be some of the best years of your life.

Let's see what we can look forward to in our sixties.

1. Most people retire when they are in their sixties. Retirement brings with it a whole new lifestyle that can be fabulous and a welcome relief from the working years.

2. Many people are grandparents in their sixties. This is a time to really enjoy your grandkids. You can play with them and get away with acting like a kid again yourself. You can also get them all riled up and send them home to their parents as sort of payback for the years you spent raising them.

3. You get to cash in on social security and you better do so when you can because it is not going to be around too long.

4. You can travel. You won't have to worry about things like vacation leave and blackout dates. You can go to all those places you never had time to before.

5. You can take advantage of early-bird dinners and prices. It's you right – do it.

6. You can be a card carrying AARPer and can get all those senior citizen discounts.

7. You can play golf or tennis any time you want. You won't have to get up at the crack of dawn or wait until after work anymore.

8. You can hone your bridge skills as often as you can get up a game. You can play any day or night of the week if you want to.

9. You might be able to get a disabled parking pass so you can legally snag those close and convenient parking places. Or, you can ride with someone who has a disabled parking pass and get the same benefit.

10. You can move to a smaller house and give your kids all your unwanted furniture just like your parents did to you. Maybe you still have some of their stuff you can pass on …

11. You can spend the winter someplace warm and spend the summer someplace cool. What a life!

12. You can pretend your hearing is going and only listen to the things and people you want to hear.

13. You can legitimately talk about your health and pharmaceutical supply to anyone who will listen. It is always good for dinner table conversation.

14. You can become an official "Snow Bird" when you go off to that warm place in the winter. You might even move there and graduate to become a "local".

15. You can join the senior division in any sport you want. It has a certain cache and ring to it, right?

There you have it. Turning sixty is great isn't it? There are so many wonderful things to look forward to. It's going to be an exhilarating ten years. Make it the best decade yet!

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