How to Deal With Emotional Abusers Manipulators Etc

How to Deal With Emotional Abusers Manipulators Etc 1

Who are Emotional Manipulators? They can be your sister, your brother, your mother, your father, your partner, your friend, your co-worker, your boss. The closer the relationship, the most powerful they are. However, they are NOT invincible. YOU ARE STRONGER. And I can tell you EXACTLY how you can deal with them.

Emotional manipulation, emotional blackmail is ALL emotional and mental abuse.

Abusers are DANGEROUS. Their aim is to try to destroy your life.

They will NEVER recognize what they did, what they are doing and they will NEVER change. Actually, things can get worse.

How do I say that? Because I have an experience of DECADES of immense emotional abuse.

Who are their targets? Sweet souls, kind people, people with heart, generous people, people who care, people who have integrity, people who have values, people who are loyal and abide by some rules.

They try to find the weakness in the self-esteem, your need of love and approval, they will try to find the values ​​that are important to you, as your "weak point" or entry point, to start their "job".

Now, why do they target YOU? and maybe Nobody else around you? because of Karma and we should go in the Soul contracts and agreements before birth to understand more.

Emotional Abusers will try to trap you in all sort of duties and rules and if you do not abide by them, you are bad and wrong and guilty.

And your problem is that you will buy into what they say. And that, you need to delete.

They will try to make you doubt of yourself. They will try to make you doubt of your sanity, of your truth, of your perceptions, of the fact that YOU HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS. YOU ARE AN INFINITE BEING WITH INFINITE POTENTIAL AND YOU ARE ALSO INFINITELY PSYCHIC. You always know how things are.

Emotional abusers will always invalidate you, and that will cause you an immense anger and shame.

They will put you down continuously. Every culture has also different nuances of behavior, according to the "shadow" of the culture. For some, it is more violation of human rights, for some it is more patronizing, for some it is more linked with religion. They will try to put you down with sarcasm and belittle you.

And if you say anything, they will DENY. They will make you wrong because you stood up as if you had no rights to truth. They will deny your basic rights as a human being. They will try to take away your right to truth, your human right to freedom, privacy.


This article is just the beginning but at least it is a little bit of information from somebody who knows VERY WELL the topic.

You need to have the least connection the possible with them.

You need to return to wholeness and disconnect from all those energies. I work at the Quantum Level.

What do you think?

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