In Search Of Friendly Relations

In Search Of Friendly Relations 1

Human civilization implies: Marriage, Family life, Friends, and Social life.

A friend is defined as, "Who tries to bring out the best in you."

We need relations who are true friends.

We need colleagues – we call every one a friend – who are truly friends.


Our colleagues join us during play time,

We share: entertainment, workload, homework,

And social problems, which we don't discuss with parents.

They can lure us into unhealthy entertainment too – drugs, drinks, and gambling.

We usually give in,

To live in conformity.

Our colleagues may not bring out the best in us, but we still need them.

Man is a social animal.

Let's learn to talk with our colleagues, and not about our colleagues.

Then socializing would be a pure conversation,

An exchange of views, without any comment on others.

We spend time with our colleagues and consider them our friends.

All colleagues, may not be our true friends.


Parents are natural, God-given friends in childhood.

They are our well-wishers, who check us, from going astray.

Our parents, want us to excel in studies, games and other extra-curricular activities.

When there is lot of competition, they may adopt even unethical approach, to get us laurels.

This is not a friendly act, as it doesn't bring out the best in us.

To encourage devilish traits – selfishness, and excessive desire for sensuous pleasures – isn't a friendly act,

Although it gives, a short-term pleasure.

* Ethan Couch, the 'Affluenza' accused, violated his terms of probation.

His mother didn't act as his friend,

For a short-term gain, she may land him in more problems.


Siblings should be good friends,

But it may not be.

Invariably in childhood, the younger sibling respects, and follows the elder sibling.

As teenagers, there may be ego clashes,

And after marriage, the siblings 'friendship depends a great deal, upon their spouses' comfort level with each other.

Siblings must endeavor to be friends.


In old age, children are / should be the best friend to aging parents.

In Oriental societies, the concept of joint families is still in vogue.

The concept of 'Old Age Homes' is still in infancy.

Oriental parents have yet to learn to be self-reliant – emotionally, socially, and financially – in old age.

To look after aging parents is a unique concept, only within human species.

To sustain the concept, in present era is not so easy.

But it is a good tradition, and it must continue.

However, the parents must plan to live independently, in old age.

And shed their expectations from children.

If they get love, respect, and support from children, consider it as God- given bonus.


Your spouse has to be your best friend!

A person shares most of his / her life with the spouse.

They have common goals – bringing up children, planning their careers, and a dream house.

All other relations – parents, siblings, and married children – are invariably part of the extended family.

Spouses must encourage development of Godly traits in each other.

Spouses must help each other to look after aging parents and parents-in-law.

Be your own friend

We must learn to be a friend to ourselves.

A person in depression – more often than not – has to inculcate the art of analysing assets and liabilities in life for a balanced view.

There may be a skewed relationship, with one relation,

But we have to consider a holistic approach.

We have multiple relationships to handle:

Parents, siblings, spouse, children, and members of extended family.

* If, there is a degenerated relationship with the spouse,

But 'all correct' with others,

It calls for a balanced approach in life.

An impulsive reaction may be dangerous for harmony in the family.

A spouse as a friend is God's greatest blessing in a relationship.

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