Is It Symbolic, Or Relevant ?: The Challenge To America's Political System

Is It Symbolic, Or Relevant ?: The Challenge To America's Political System 1

In today's, ever – increasingly, digital world, it shouldn't surprise us, that, political campaigns, politicians, and public officials, have followed suit, and attempted to use these tools and methods, to their best advantage! Unfortunately, the reality is, most politicians, appear more interested in their personal / political agenda, and self – interest, winning elections instead of proceeding with quality and service / representation, etc. In order to attempt to appeal, to those, they consider, their target, and / or core supporters / political base, all – too – often, we witness, more energy and emphasis, aimed, at symbols, than proceeding with a relevant, sustainable, realistic, responsible, viable solution, emphasizing the common good. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, examine, and discuss, how this approach, is often, not in the best interests of the country or most of its citizens, is rarely cost – effective and / or efficient , and doesn't effectively deal with, or realistically address, either the issues of the day, nor the future ramifications.

1. The Wall: No discussion would be complete, or relevant, if we didn't begin, with the current stand – off, and partial government shutdown, created by President Trump's insistence on his wall, and his political opponents, resistance, towards what they consider, a wasteful, un – American concept. Although, the vast majority of experts, proclaim, we already have a barrier, along, any areas, where it has any security benefit, and, a physical barrier, is less efficient, than other methods, including manpower, drones, digital screening, etc, the President believes the wall, was the center – piece of his campaign, and must stand – up, for it, to inspire his core supporters. Unfortunately, it seems, neither Mr. Trump, nor his base, and ultra – conservative media members, continue to ignore, his full commitment, which was, Mexico would pay for it, going as far as stating, he guaranteed it. While, in our dangerous world, border security, is a priority and necessity, we do not need symbolism, but, rather, the most effective, efficient, professionally planned, multi – faceted approach, towards that goal. A symbolic wall does not accomplish that, yet, by being inflexible, we are in a prolonged partial government shutdown, which will have more ramifications, and expenses, the longer it continues.

2. Tax legislation: The tax legislation, passed at the end of 2017, was promoted as being tax reform, where the middle class, would be a major beneficiary. However, we have witnessed, the primary winners, were the largest corporations and the wealthiest, and most of the middle – class, only receive a minor benefit, or, in many cases, none, at all. However, the President and the Republican majority, passed their symbolic legislation, with the hope of political gains. Thus far, we have witnessed, a rapid expansion of the federal deficits, because tax revenues have dropped, and expenses, have not.

These are simply, two examples of the dangers of the politics of symbolism. Wake up, America, before we no longer recognize, this country!

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