Legazpi, Philippines – Best Things to Do in Legazpi

Legazpi, Philippines - Best Things to Do in Legazpi 1

Located in the geographical center of the peninsula, Legazpi is a first class capital city of the province of Albay, Philippines. It has driven its name from Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. The Miguel Lopez de Legazpi was a Spanish conquistador, who conquered the Philippine islands in 1565. This is the most populous city in Bicol Region. It has 179,481 inhabitants, out of which the maximum number of people are Roman Catholics.

Legazpi has got a very rich culture. The month of October is very special for the people of this city as non-religious Ibalong Festival is celebrated throughout this month. Almost all, right from small children to older people participate in the clamorous merriment parade of this festival. The people, who participate in this parade, wear colorful masks and costumes to emulate heroes and the villains, and through this, they portray the classic battle, which tells the history of Bicol. The other major festival that is celebrated annually in this city is Magayon Festival of Albay. Magayon Festival of Albay takes place in the month of April.

As far as tourism is considered, Legazpi houses many incredible tourist attractions including – historic building, divine churches, great museums, spectacular beaches, amazing wildlife, and more. Some very famous and top ranked places of interest in this city include – Cagsawa: Remnants of Mayons Fury, Picnic Time in Legazpi City’s Wildlife Center, the Mountain They Call Beautiful, The Dark Eerie Japanese Tunnel, Lignon Hill, Magayon Art Gallery, Kapuntukan Hill, Embarcadero and Regional Government Offices in Rawis etc.

Besides, the city also offers many adventurous activities to enjoy. But the most famous one include diving. There are many stunning dive sites in the city, some of which are – Vera Falls, Corangon Island, Bugsucan Falls, Palale Falls and Busay Falls etc. While enjoying diving in these popular dive sites, you will get a golden chance to experience an incredible marine life. These sites not only offer diving but also other water activities to enjoy like – Swimming, and Snorkeling. The other major activity that you can enjoy here is shopping. Legazpi offers pleasant shopping experience. There are various shopping malls, shops, and market areas, where you can find variety of interesting items to buy.

During your sightseeing in this city, when you start feeling little low, just visit one of the restaurants to relax your body. There, you can eat some delicious meal, which will certainly give some energy for further sightseeing.

As far as lodging is concerned, it is not a big deal in Legazpi, as there are many hotels, motels, inns and beautiful resorts ranging from cheap to luxury. If you wish to enrich your vacation to this beautiful city then there is no other better place than luxury hotel. There are plenty of luxury and super hotels in the city, some of which include – Hotel St. Ellis & Hotel Venezia. These are the super luxury hotels offering world class services and accommodation with royal treatment.

And somehow, if you can’t spend much while on vacation here then cheap lodging is the best option for you. By lodging in one of the cheap hotels, you can certainly reduce some of your tour expenditure. Some of the best cheap hotels of the city include – Villa Angelina, Pepperland and Legazpi Tourist Inn. These lodging options are popular for offering comfort of luxury hotels at most affordable price.

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