Lost Ancient Civilizations…In the Middle of Nowhere – The Sumerians & Mesopotamia

Lost Ancient Civilizations...In the Middle of Nowhere - The Sumerians & Mesopotamia 1

It is truly remarkable at just how many ancient sites exist on earth, that you’ve never seen or heard of before. For most anyone, when we think of lost ancient civilizations, they think of sites such as, the Pyramids of Egypt or the perhaps the Great Sphinx.
We think of the circular arrangement of stones that make up Stonehenge in England. We may think of ancient South American sites including Machu Picchu or perhaps the enormous, as well as mysterious puzzle of stones that make up the Sacsayhuaman wall in Peru. Or, maybe we think of the ancient Aztec or Mayan civilizations, and the pyramids that are found in Mesoamerica.
But of course, for people that are more familiar with the topic of Lost Ancient Civilizations, essentially people who research it for fun in their spare time… For them, other, lesser known ancient sites may come to mind…
Such as, the 12,000 year old site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, the world’s oldest known Megalithic site, which is a total mystery.
Or perhaps they think of the of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. A very large, and impressive site that wasn’t even rediscovered til the mid-1800’s. And I’m sure some people may think of the Lost City of Petra, located in Jordan. Too few people are aware of this incredible site, which is mostly known for its brief appearance in the final scene of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
So, although some of the sites I just mentioned are not known by say, a majority of people, there are other ancient sites that are virtually unknown to almost anyone, which I’ll be sharing in this video.
In fact, these details that I’m about to share, will really get your mind thinking about how much we don’t know about our ancient past, and more importantly, just how much is waiting to be discovered – and within our own lifetimes…
Let me start off with an example that you may have seen in the news just this past week. Which was the fascinating discovery of lost ancient ruins, in Mosul, Iraq, which was hidden and unknown for at least 3 thousand, 4 hundred years.

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