Slam Dunk Manga Profile For Tatsuhiko Aota

Slam Dunk Manga Profile For Tatsuhiko Aota 1

Tatsuhiko Aota happens to be the team captain of the Shohoku judo team in the Slam Dunk Manga. He is a childhood crony of the Akagi siblings. One of the siblings was Takenori and they constantly argue at a young age as to which sport was better – judo or basketball.

And even up to the present, both still continues to argue as to which team will be declared the National Champion. Once in the life of Tatsuhiko, he offered Sakuragi to participate in the judo team because he found the latter’s fighting skills impressive. Since he was having a hard time luring him to join, he bribed Sakuragi with some photos of Haruko.

Slam Dunk Manga Character Profile:

  • Name: Tatsuhiko Aota
  • Year: Third
  • Voice Actor: Hideyuki Umezu
  • Team: Shohoku Judo Club
  • But still, he refused to because as a reason he simply loves basketball and not judo. But in reality, it is because he would be closer to her crush Haruko if he plays basketball. Still, Tatsuhiko is not going to give up easily and once in a while he continued to try to lure him.

    But despite his inability to physically force Sakuragi into joining the judo team, Tatsuhiko has left nothing to prove on his judo skills as he had already proven that. And as a testament, he was the only sole member of the team to qualify for the National Championships.

    However, he is a delinquent student and has to beg for a chance to retake the exam after failing in the first take. His crush with Haruko has been constant since they were young in the Slam Dunk Manga.

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    Big oooooof

    Even Filipinos get confused from time to time. XD 21

    Even Filipinos get confused from time to time. XD