The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Is Teaching Us How to Match the Colors of Outfits

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel Is Teaching Us How to Match the Colors of Outfits 1

It is reported that the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel took home the Best Television Series and the heroine Rachel Brosnahan took home the Best Actress of the Musical or Comedy prizes in the 2018 Golden Globes. All of these honors have shown that the crew of this TV series has done a great job! In the TV series, Mrs. Maisel is such a beautiful lady and she also has a perfect taste in dressing. Her outfits are full of classic and vintage flavor, such as A shape coat, X shape dress, and neck bow-knot. And she is just so good at matching the colors of her outfits and creating many fashionable and coordinated looks. If we learn these tricks from the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, we can match the wool coat and vintage dresses in winter and spring amazingly.

The first rule: the collocation of deep and light colors

It is a trick that basically every fashionista knows. When the deep colors and light colors stay together, the outfits can create a sense of hierarchy. Where you want to highlight should have a deeper color than the others. For example, when Mrs. Maisel pair a rosy vintage dress with a pink wool coat, the whole look does not only have a layering feel but also highlights the dress.

The second rule: the combination of adjacent colors

Adjacent colors are referring those others colors in the color board. They look very comfortable while staying together since they have similar colors, just like yellow and green, purple and pink. When you meet the colors that seem to be difficult to match, choose the adjacent colors. This green wool coat and blue vintage dress of Mrs. Maisel bring a quite exotic and elegant look.

The third rule: going for the colors of low saturation

To make it easier to understand, going for the colors of low saturation means that you should choose the colors with a grayscale. A dirty pink wool coat is superior to bright pink wool coat, and a haze blue vintage dress is superior to sky blue vintage dress. In the TV series, Mrs. Maisel's is telling us that the colors of low saturation are born to create a high-quality visual effect.

The echoing rule: taking care of details

The last rule is to emphasize the importance of wearing some appropriate accessories. Wearing some great accessories is ought to be the final trick to make your outfits look perfect! Their colors should be consistent with the colors of your outfit, including the hat and gloves. Mrs. Maisel's collocation of blue vintage dress and wine red wool coat are bright enough so it not necessary to make your look more complex. With a hat of similar color, the whole look becomes so vibrant.

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