Using Radio Advertising Effectively in Political Campaigns

Using Radio Advertising Effectively in Political Campaigns 1

The worst week in the life of the radio station’s scheduling department is the week before election day. Every local, regional and national candidate expects to purchase as much air time as they can afford and demand the station find room on the daily commercial log for their message. The months of campaigning come to a crisis point and the mad dash to the radio stations ensues. Do you enjoy listening to radio during the last week of an election? Exactly. An endless stream of the same commercials repeated and repeated and, well, you get the point.

As a twenty year veteran in the radio industry Scott Perreault understands how to maximize political capital and effectiveness in the advertising portion of the campaign by following the following three rules for success. First, have an effective message. That is not to say the common reading of issues, rather a commercial or preferably group of commercials that leave a visual message. A message that reaches the voter. No one hears the screaming of issues among the six campaign commercial all airing in a row. One, two, three, four, five, six boring, screaming, mean spirited, brain numbing commercials.

Second, purchase the radio time well in advance with sponsorships of news, weather or traffic as your first preference if they will sell these air times to a political concern. They cost extra, but well worth it because you separate your commercials from the others and in most cases the local announce gives a “tag line” such as “this weather brought to you by Vote for Senator Smith Campaign Fund…” Almost sounds like the announcer is telling his loyal fan base to vote for your candidate.

Finally, have fresh commercials ready for the last two days of the campaign. A new radio commercial each day. Your candidate needs to sound topical and current. Millions of dollars will be spent on radio advertising this political season. Will your candidate’s radio campaign be effective?

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