Why Do Many Keep Believing The Political Spin?

Why Do Many Keep Believing The Political Spin? 1

Decades ago, Michael J. Fox, starred in a political comedy (sit – com), Spin City. In that series, the premise was, the effectiveness of a political leader, is often related, to how well, his staff, and he, spin the facts. Although it was a comedy, we are witnessing today, a degree of spin, we never would even believe, in a television program! We would probably consider, today's reality, as far too, far-fetched, and unbelievable, and many would find it challenging, to even believe, what's going on, in a fiction. The real question, however. is why, when there have been so many statements, fact – checkers, have deemed as lies, misstatements, and / or lies, there seem to be so many Americans, who continue to believe the spin, and accept, what the vast majority ( according to most polls), believe to be lies. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, review, consider, and discuss, some of the possible reasons, for this attitude, etc.

1. Tribal politics: So many, focus on their own political / personal perspectives and agenda, and self – interest, and seem, to be willing to ignore indiscretions, seemingly, no matter how large, when they feel, it may benefit them. Is this behavior, really in their best interests, even though, it seems, many of President Trump's core supporters, are the ones, who have been, most negatively impacted, by the last 18 months.

2. Greed: We may expect the wealthiest individuals, and corporations, to be pleased, by so much done, in the best interests of these special interest groups. However, since almost every examination of economics, demonstrates, Trickle Down Economics, does not help, the average person (or even anyone below the upper 1-5%), why do so many continue to support this agenda?

3. Believe the rhetorical: Unlike previous American Presidents, this one relies heavily on sound – bytes, Social Media, and campaign – style rhetoric. He often repeats, previously disproven statements, and doubles – down on these, and focuses on logos, such as Make America Great Again, and Keeping Promises. Why do so many believe it, when the facts indicate far different events?

4. Environment: How does weakening environmental safeties, help anyone, other than certain corporate polluters? Claiming there are too many regulations, might sound good, but does not help people, and the future sustainability of the nation.

5. Bringing back coal: Coal will never, again, be a dominant energy source. It is dirtier than most, has health dangers for mine workers, and is a costly alternative. Most of the rest of the world has focused on sustainable energy alternatives, while this administration, is bringing us backward. Yet, he says, he's helping workers, and some still believe him.

Polls show, 35% of Americans strongly support President Trump, and this number appears, to be somewhat constant. It sees his behavior, actions, and, even implementing policies, contrary to their best interests, does not matter. Should not we ask ourselves, what is the United States of America, if we do not continue, to be leaders, for freedom, liberty, and justice?

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