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Is the assault of aliens actual?

  • Most of Russia’s middle-aged and older individuals ask what they’re most afraid of, with out hesitation: conflict! Certainly, there may be nothing extra horrible than the exploding shells over the heads of civilians. After surviving two world carnage within the final century, in the present day humanity appears to be reliably protected against an enormous conflict. If solely she doesn’t come from outdoors … For instance, from outer area.


    Lately, the Russian Protection Minister unexpectedly performed workout routines of air and area protection troops. Shouldn’t be it a wierd title for the type of troops for whom there isn’t a potential enemy? Extra exactly, it’s, however just isn’t on Earth, since these items are known as upon to struggle with weapons positioned within the orbit of the planet.

    On the similar time, if for a second it’s imagined that the aggression of one other cosmic civilization will begin on Earth, then these troops must shield the inhabitants of Russia, absolutely justifying their title. The one query is how actual is that this menace? If we throw apart the quite a few ufological conspiracy theories that say that the governments of the world’s largest international locations are cooperating with aliens and take a look at the plain information, then it seems that the alarm just isn’t totally groundless.
    The only evaluation of most incredible movies will yield an fascinating end result: Earthlings have a tendency to think about aliens as warlike and aggressive conquerors. The one exceptions are scientists of astrophysics who with maniacal perseverance ship messages in regards to the Earth and its inhabitants to area, each by means of the radio channel and within the type of messages on area automobiles.

    On the similar time, they completely don’t assume that their epistles can get to the militant civilization, which, after studying the textual content, will wish to enslave our planet. Essentially the most well-known message was despatched to the celebs within the distant 1974. Then, throughout the modernization of the radio telescope within the crater of the Arecibo volcano, a sequence of highly effective radio alerts was despatched in direction of the constellation of Hercules. Greater than 1,500 consecutive radio impulses contained coded details about humanity.
    For a very long time the query was solved with which code to ship info, in the long run, scientists agreed on the tactic of frequency modulation. In consequence, on November 16, 1974, a message was despatched to the celebs, shaped by a sequence of 1679 zeros and ones. The addressee was: the constellation of Hercules, the star cluster M-13. It was there, within the opinion of the mission supervisor Francis Drake, that there may very well be a extremely developed extraterrestrial civilization. To the celebs, a message shaped by a sequence of 1679 zeros and ones.

    The addressee was: the constellation of Hercules, the star cluster M-13. It was there, within the opinion of the mission supervisor Francis Drake, that there may very well be a extremely developed extraterrestrial civilization. The details about the decimal quantity system of earthlings, the atomic weights of a very powerful chemical parts, the schematic depiction of earthlings, the formulation of the essential sugars and nucleotides of human DNA, the picture of the Photo voltaic System and Telescope in Arecibo, the scheme of its operation and the diameter of the antenna parabola went to the celebs.
    Even supposing there was no hope for an early reply, he however got here. In August 2001, on a wheat discipline in England close to the radio telescope, an enormous image was discovered, consisting additionally of 73 strains, 23 factors every. When the image was photographed from the aircraft, there was little doubt: it was a replica of Drake’s message, which went to the celebs 27 years in the past.

    And the pictogram on the sphere was not simply copying Drake’s message, there have been important adjustments in it, it was not a replica, it was the reply. Extraterrestrial civilization not solely may learn the message, but additionally in the same means knowledgeable earthmen about its civilization, which signifies a reasonably excessive stage of its improvement. Within the first place, as within the earthly epistle, there was a decimal quantity system, on the second – atomic weights of chemical parts, indicating the existence of a distinct organic life.
    Evaluating this fragment of two messages, the researchers had been shocked to seek out that they differ … by one component.As for earthlings, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorus proved to be of significant significance for them.However yet one more was added. A brand new component is silicon. There are a lot of theories that show that organic life may be not solely on a carbon-hydrogen foundation, as on Earth, but additionally on a silicon-hydrogen one.
    The construction of the molecules within the message was an identical to the human, solely the DNA helix itself modified. The expansion of the cosmic being, additionally encrypted within the binary system, was significantly lower than ours – solely 140 centimeters. The variety of unearthly beings was additionally indicated. It turned out that the variety of one other’s civilization is at the least twice ours.
    And eventually, essentially the most fascinating is the picture of a system of planets, the place there’s a affordable view. The variety of objects of the alien star system was utterly an identical to our photo voltaic system. On the similar time, if one planet of the system was recognized within the message of the Drake group – the habitat of the human species – then three planets are famous in the identical means in the identical means.
    A yr later, the second message arrived. On the bread discipline 5 miles from the primary “letter” appeared an info circle, much like an enormous CD-ROM, and subsequent to – a portrait of the sender. From the sphere individuals regarded on the head of a wierd creature, remotely resembling a lizard with cat eyes. Nearly all ufologists, actively engaged within the examine of extraterrestrial civilizations, have made a hand in deciphering this message.

    Lastly, within the fall of 2002, the primary model appeared: “Beware, bringing false presents and breaking guarantees. A variety of ache, however a short while … (broken textual content) … It is good there. We oppose deceit. The channel is closed. “
    You may guess for a very long time about extraterrestrial “letters”, however one factor is obvious: if the primary responding civilization to humanity is detached, then the second might be aggressive. Moreover, it isn’t identified what number of civilizations have acquired a message from the Earth.
    To treatment the state of affairs, a bunch of American activists determined to boost funds to ship to the celebs info that depicts earthlings as an evil, warlike and unfriendly pressure. In response to the authors of the mission, such a message may scare off potential area aggressors. On the web site of Your Face in House mission, cash is collected to ship a satellite tv for pc to the middle of the Galaxy, on the outer lining of which there shall be a picture of aggressive women and men subsequent to which there’s a picture of a chook obtrusive on the disk-like UFO.
    Additionally, in line with the authors of the mission, pictures of nunchakas, guitars, shotguns, ragged denims, leather-based vests, a Viking helmet and for some cause ladies in a bikini below the cover of the American flag ought to ceaselessly alienate the bellicose civilizations of the cosmos. For better persuasiveness on the satellite tv for pc shall be positioned images of earthlings, who grimaced spiteful grimaces. You probably have a want to turn out to be well-known for the entire Galaxy, you may switch any quantity to the account of the organizers, attaching a photograph of your face, made up in a wild grimace, – it can fly off into area to frighten off potential aggressors.

    The ironic authors of the mission usually are not the one ones who severely concern the aliens. A couple of years in the past, the US printed a e-book by Travis Taylor and Bob Boen with an intriguing title “Introduction to planetary protection.”
    On the pages of the e-book the authors severely inform tips on how to act in case of an assault by aliens, and likewise analyze the probabilities of repelling an assault from the skin.
    And the well-known scientists despatched their work not someplace, however to the US Division of Protection and NASA. No reply was acquired, however the authors of the e-book are positive that in the end their work shall be rewarded.
    Analyzing the chance to face up to the assault, the authors of the work give a pessimistic forecast, fairly rightly believing: whereas the alien ship is within the air, it’s invulnerable, so it is higher to not provoke aliens and if doable to evacuate to inaccessible locations. When extraterrestrial aggressors step instantly on Earth, they should apply the strategies of guerrilla warfare.
    As we speak it’s tough to say whether or not Russia is able to contact foreigners from different worlds and whether or not our authorities is considering this. On the similar time within the UN, such preparations have lengthy been in full swing!
    Again in 1959, the Committee on the Peaceable Makes use of of Outer House was established and remains to be working efficiently. On the similar time, a lot of scientists are positive that if there may be a global physique regulating the connection between an individual and an alien, conflicts may be averted. And in 2010, the committee’s director Mazlan Othman acknowledged that statistically extraterrestrial life is feasible!

    This comment just isn’t unintentional, as a result of scientists are continuously discovering newer and newer planets with situations near terrestrial of their ecosystems, it’s possible that clever life can exist. On this regard, Othman known as on the world neighborhood to arrange for a gathering with aliens, for instance, to develop a legislation regulating the connection between an individual and an alien. For instance, in England, scientists from the Royal Society printed circulars regulating all features of relationships with extraterrestrial life, believing that this critical matter must be thought of in each scientific and authorities circles.
    A couple of years in the past, the US printed a e-book by Travis Taylor and Bob Boen with an intriguing title “Introduction to planetary protection.” On the pages of the e-book the authors severely inform tips on how to act in case of an assault by aliens, and likewise analyze the probabilities of repelling an assault from the skin.
    Britain is severely making ready for an invasion from outer area, and that is confirmed by a former Protection Ministry worker, Nick Pope, whose interview induced an important response. Pope mentioned that he had beforehand labored as a researcher on the issue of UFOs, and his nation has a full set of instruments to suppress aggression from area, if any. The previous soldier didn’t specify what sort of cash they had been, solely mentioned that their description can be “high secret” for one more fifteen years.
    Professor of Paleobiology Cambridge College Simon Conway Morris, like lots of his colleagues all over the world, believes that aliens who theoretically can go to the Earth, a priori shall be hostile. In response to Morris, aliens are usually an identical to man, so that they merely should have the identical ardour for oppression of newly found peoples.
    The primary panic was raised by scientists from the SETI analysis heart, which can also be engaged in listening to the cosmos to seek for doable radio alerts from clever beings. In some unspecified time in the future, they discovered that objects approaching the Earth, probably being alien ships, are approaching.

    The data that aroused public consciousness rapidly disappeared from the information tapes. Nonetheless, in a lot of developed international locations of the world, governments launched an entire marketing campaign to arrange the inhabitants for alien touchdown. British The Guardian launched an article with a surprising title “Aliens can destroy humanity.” The newspaper cited references to sufficiently competent sources, corresponding to NASA experiences and experiences of a lot of critical scientists.
    The conclusions to which the authors of the article have arrived are disappointing: if desired, aliens may also help us make a technological breakthrough, and will, if they need, destroy humanity or use it as meals. It’s fascinating to notice that on the very subsequent day a refutation appeared within the newspaper, and NASA officers mentioned they’d nothing to do with the report in regards to the aliens and the risks related to them, however the siege, as they are saying, remained.
    Distinguished and well-known portal WikiLeaks, putting varied secret paperwork. His publications confirmed that there are alien spies on Earth, and three large alien ships handed the Solar’s orbit and are shifting to Earth.

    No matter it was, however up to now no enlargement of the aliens has occurred. Possibly the hazard is over? On this account it’s tough to attract any conclusions and forecasts, there may be many variations. For instance, the governments of the most important international locations of the world may enter right into a secret collusion with the envoys of different planets.
    However, maybe, the aliens thought that we weren’t all for them both as companions and even as meals – and flew by. And possibly every thing is simply starting, and we’ll quickly hear on TV: “Consideration, a particular message! On Earth landed a spacecraft of a distinct civilization. “ The right way to know?

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