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List of Legal Streaming Service for Asian Drama in Philippines

Asian Drama has been on trend since the rise of Meteor Garder 2003 and it looks like it’s not slowing down for them populace. Way before the boom of Asian drama foreign drama especially the show from Latin America but eventually overtook the airwaves.

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If you are looking for a legit streaming service and also to support the industry you love I compiled this list.

#1 Netflix


Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular and biggest streaming service for Movie and TV show. They also co-produce and offer Asian Show on their Netflix Original line up. Price starts at ₱370 but you can avail free 30 days trial upon new account sign up.

    #2 Iflix

    Iflix is one of the most compacts and highly recommended for binge-watching of Asian Drama. They offer ₱99 only subscription for a month with free 30 days trial upon registration. Another thing about Iflix is that they have the smallest data usage among on the list. This is a good feature for those who don't have fiber connection or using mobile data only.

      #3 Tribe

      Tribe allows you to watch your favorite show live via live-stream. These unique features elevate Tribe from other similar streaming services. You can view a live streaming schedule of Tribe here. They also offer alongside with live-streaming on-demand Asian Drama. Premium service starts at  ₱30 per month only.

        #4 Viki

        Rakuten Viki is a Free yet legal streaming service with subtitles created by the community from many countries.  They probably have the largest collection of Asian Drama with subtitle. For a US$ 4.99, you can remove the advertisements, I have personally found it worth it to do so.

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          #5 Viu

          Viu is the newest in town since they just enter PH territory last Nov. 2016 and they also offered the most affordable ₱30 for its monthly premium. They have a partnership with Korea’s “Big 4” TV stations–SBS, KBS, MBC, and CJ E&M. Another feature Viu provide a free tier where you can watch and download ads supported content.

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