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Man Kidnapped By Aliens Has Pictures Of Aliens From Planet Clarion

  • There are numerous reports of alien abductions throughout the globe. Folks usually take them with reservations; nonetheless, others sound extra intriguing and convincing. Specifically, this one, the place an Italian man claims aliens from planet Clarion kidnapped him, sounds quite intriguing.

    Maurizio Cavallo, 63, who additionally goes by the pseudonym Jhlos printed a couple of books relating to the subject. Again in 2012, at a convention in Turin, Italy, he broke the silence concerning the extraterrestrial creatures.

    He described them as cosmic protectors, lords of the rainbow and caretakers of the universe.

    “They’re the precursor ancestors; timeless immortals that come from the confines of the cosmos. They arrive from the first supply, from a spot by which you construct eternity,” stated Cavallo.

    Mr. Cavallo, moreover being a journalist concentrating on paranormal analysis, was additionally an ex-professor on the Vercelli Folks’s College.

    Aliens from the Planet Clarion which locates within the Eagle galaxy, 150,000 light-years away from Earth, allegedly kidnapped him.

    Based on his story, in September 1981, the aliens took him to a secret base within the Amazon forest. There, they supposedly altered his apprehension which reduce all of the boundaries he had of accepting new data.

    Nevertheless, what is admittedly eerie, are the photographs he offered of the ‘aliens’ – hybrids between ETs and people.

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    Cavallo has very controversial claims. As an example, he says that each one of our understanding of the universe is incorrect. He says that within the photo voltaic system, there are 12 quite than 9 planets as we all know.

    “I wish to add that the photographs proven on the positioning don’t are likely to endorse my expertise of the civilization of the celebrities.”

    “It’s not vital for me to be understood nor to take the proof in assist of what’s narrated. The remainder is a matter of each particular person and his conscience,” wrote Cavallo on his web site.

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    Verify a number of the hybrids the Italian author allegedly took within the video beneath and provides us your opinion.


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