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Most Memorable Anime Song in Philippine TV History

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  • I grow up watching anime on television since I was a little boy. 90's and early 2000's was the golden era of anime in Philippine TV, during this time we even got a primetime slot after newscast of anime dose. I remember that from mornings to afternoons, networks showed your favorite anime, which include Zoids, Dragon Balls, Master of Mosquiton, Monster Rancher, Lupin III and many others. After school going traits home was a daily routine for me just to be able to watch afternoon anime.

    What really stack into my mind was the opening and ending sequence of every anime. While playing the song it excites you, as it meant another episode is ready.

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    Zankoku na Tenshi no Tēze for Neon Genesis Evangelion

    Also known as A Cruel Angel's Thesis for it's English meaning, performed by Yoko Takahashi.

    LSS line:

    Zankoku na tenshi no you ni
    Shounen   yo shinwa ni nare

    Zankoku na Tenshi no Tēze

    Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai for Slam Dunk

    Also known as I Wanna Shout That I Love You for it's English meaning, performed by BAAD.

    LSS line:

    Kimi ga suki da to sakebitai
    Yuuki de fumidasou
    Kono atsui omoi wo
    Uketomete hoshii

    Kimi ga Suki da to Sakebitai

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    Pokémon Theme for Pokémon

    Pokémon Theme is the opening theme song for the English dub of the first season, Pokémon: Indigo League and performed by Jason Paige.

    LSS line:

    I wanna be the very best
    Like no one ever was

    Pokémon Theme

    Chara Hetchara for Dragon Ball Z

    Also known as Cha-La Head-Cha-La for it's English meaning, performed by Hironobu Kageyama.

    LSS line:

    Cha-la head-cha-la
    Egao urutora zetto de
    Kyo mo ai-yai-yai-yai-yai….Sparking!

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    Cha-La Head-Cha-La

    H.T. for Trigun

    H.T. by Tsuneo Imahori

    No LSS line but pure epicness.

    H.T. by Tsuneo Imahori

    Sobakasu for Rurouni Kenshin / Samurai X

    Also known as Freckles for it's English meaning, performed by Judy and Mary.

    LSS line:

    Daikirai datta sobakasu wo chotto
    Hitonadeshite tame iki wo hitotsu
    Hebi ikkyuu no koi wa migoto ni
    Kakuzatou to isshoni toketa


    Hohoemi no Bakudan for YuYu Hakusho / Ghost Fighter

    Also known as The Smile Bomb for it's English meaning, performed by Matsuko Mawatari.

    LSS line:

    Mechamecha kibishii hito-tachi ga fui ni miseta
    Yasashisa no sei dattari suru n darou ne
    Arigatou gozaimasu

    Hohoemi no Bakudan

    Voltes V no Uta for Chōdenji Mashīn Borutesu Faibu / Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V / Voltes V

    Voltes V Song, performed by Mitsuko Horie.

    LSS line:

    tatoe arashi ga futou tomo
    tatoe oonami areru tomo
    kogida sou tatakai no umi e
    tobikomou tatakai no uzu e

    Voltes V no Uta

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    Did this song remind you how awesome the golden age of anime in the Philippines? Which one is your most memorable anime song and if it is not here don't hesitate to comment below.

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