Nancy of Momoland react to ‘look-alike’ Liza Soberano

Liza Soberano and Nancy of Momoland

Nancy – Momoland 낸시

Are you guys familiar with filipina actress Liza Soberano? Many say that Liza & Nancy do look a like. Since many fil. mentioned that when they do facebook live, they searched photos. Even Daisy…


K-pop star Nancy McDonie of Momoland responds to Filipina performing artist Liza Soberano who could go off as her sister

Nancy recorded a short video of herself with fellow Momoland members, Daisy and Ahin while perusing through the photographs of the ‘Bagani’ star. The K-pop entertainer was awestruck with Soberano’s excellence and expressed ‘wow’ a few times.”She’s so lovely!” Ahin expressed.Daisy then again was persuaded that Nancy is very indistinguishable to the Filipina on-screen character. The video which was cut from a Facebook live session became a web sensation with over a million perspectives.

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Written by Isagani Matanghari

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