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    Top 5 Reasons Why People Choose to Renovate

    Top 5 Reasons Why People Choose to Renovate 4

    #5 You Hate the Idea of Moving Change is hard – most people are change averse just as a by-product of being human. Many people relocate out of necessity and quickly find out that moving is stressful, costly, and something you want to do as few times as possible over a lifetime. Many homeowners have […] More

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    Whatever Happened to the Simple Things in Life?

    Whatever Happened to the Simple Things in Life? 6

    I’m not a very complicated person. I like simple things; things nice and easy. Occasionally I will do a crossword puzzle, but beside that, I enjoy the simple life. On the other side, the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage is very complicated. Just when I have everything figured out, I find another side of her […] More

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    How To Automate Mundane Content Marketing Tasks

    How To Automate Mundane Content Marketing Tasks 7

    Content marketing is designed to attract your ideal audience, convert them to customers or list members, and also to delight your audience post-conversion. To do that you’ll have to create, publish and promote a variety of types of content to your audience throughout time. This requires that you understand your audience enough to create the […] More

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    Postmodern Film Approach – Airport

    Postmodern Film Approach - Airport 8

    In keeping with the method of isolating one or two scenes of a film with an eye towards meaningful dissection, I would like to see what the old disaster flick Airport can tell us about a particular concept that psychologists call “companionate love”. Obviously this means that I am not herein concerned with “disaster movie” […] More

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    Public Response and Critical Reception of Naruto

    Public Response and Critical Reception of Naruto 9

    Naruto series became popular both in Japan and the United States. Overwhelming responses from the people and demand of it comic could be seen in terms of its sales. In Japan over 71 million copies were sold out of volume 36 and volume 43 sold 1.1 million copies during 2008 becoming the 9th best-selling comic […] More

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    Where to Find the Best Anime!

    Where to Find the Best Anime! 10

    Think about it for a moment of how anime fans before the current generation of fans got their hands of the latest series. First generation fans watched anime on VHS from local fans all the way in Japan. Second generation fans were able to watch English dub anime right on their television sets. Then, the […] More

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    Watch Classic TV Online

    Watch Classic TV Online 11

    Other internet users also use the web to watch classic TV online, although there is a lesser percentage of the total internet viewer, which belongs to the older age category [old adulthood], still some videos and TV shows that were once popular during their time can be viewed through the internet today. With programs installed […] More

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    The Beginner's Guide To Superhero Movies

    The Beginner's Guide To Superhero Movies 12

    Over the last 5 years or so, comic book based films have exploded into the collective awareness of theater goers everywhere. From Batman and Superman, to anti-hero protagonists such as The Punisher and Deadpool, these films are revolutionizing the concept of a character "Universe" in which all the films, heroes and villains, and settings take […] More

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    10 Ways to Improve Family Law Courts

    10 Ways to Improve Family Law Courts 13

    The current model responsible for governing family law courts is extremely outdated and archaic. It is governed by a 1950’s chauvinistic view towards marriage and parentage. Men are expected to be emotionless, robotic-breadwinners whereas women are expected to be keepers of the home and children. Women now work. The economy is in shambles whereas even […] More

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    Anxiety Over Brexit – Deeper Issues

    Anxiety Over Brexit - Deeper Issues 14

    British people have been expressing unease about the state of their country. One possible reason may be that nothing much else is happening in politics because of anxiety over Brexit. The prospect of economic recession is reducing confidence among many about their future prospects. At the time of writing, the governing party is leaderless. Also […] More

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    Cancer Antidote 3D

    Cancer Antidote 3D 17

    In 2016 the journal Nature published that DNA research revealed that the Australian Aboriginal culture was the oldest one on the earth. When looking to see if it possessed some outstanding property belonging to the evolution of the human species, an extraordinary discovery was made. The Indigenous Australian Dreamtime does indeed appear to hold a […] More

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    Legazpi, Philippines – Best Things to Do in Legazpi

    Legazpi, Philippines - Best Things to Do in Legazpi 18

    Located in the geographical center of the peninsula, Legazpi is a first class capital city of the province of Albay, Philippines. It has driven its name from Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. The Miguel Lopez de Legazpi was a Spanish conquistador, who conquered the Philippine islands in 1565. This is the most populous city in Bicol […] More

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