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What are they warning us about?

  • The query of what’s the reason for the looks of unidentified flying objects on Earth has been worrying the researchers of this phenomenon for a few years. Elementary curiosity? Research of the processes of life on our planet? Or does the cosmic intelligence ship earthlings some warnings that we cannot decipher but? 

    There’s a lot actual proof that mysterious objects within the sky appeared at totally different occasions over locations of main battles or assessments of latest sorts of weapons. Thus, a variety of paperwork of the Japanese Common Workers point out the looks of 4 spherical luminous objects over the ocean on the eve of the Battle of Tsushima in late Might 1905. 

    This precipitated a substantial stir among the many Japanese army. On the night of February 13, 1945, earlier than the beginning of the notorious bombardment by the Allied aviation of German Dresden, a silvery disc appeared over town, which a number of occasions unsuccessfully tried to shoot down air protection batteries. After darkish, the thing started to provide flashing gentle indicators. 

    As the primary wave of British and American bombers approached Dresden, it disappeared. 

    Loads of bother for the Soviet army introduced the looks of UFOs within the 50 years of the final century over the Semipalatinsk nuclear check website. A attribute characteristic of those phenomena was that the mysterious objects, which had been instantly reported to Moscow, arose over the positioning of the long run explosion simply earlier than the cost was put into the mine. The archives have preserved paperwork that point out that in some circumstances uninvited visitors even tried to stop the assessments. 

    September 12, 1959 at 8:32 native time, twenty meters above the floor of the earth within the sq. quantity 54 appeared a ball of smoky shade. After three minutes, the crew went on to explode the cost, however there was no explosion. Solely on the third try it was attainable to ascertain distant contact with a nuclear warhead … 
    Typically, UFOs happen in a number of hours and even minutes earlier than a disaster of anthropogenic nature. 

    A resident of Novosibirsk, Andrei Prakht, who was touring on the Novosibirsk-Adler prepare at first of June 1989, noticed a glowing object within the window of the automotive spiral, three meters in size and about half a meter in diameter, following a parallel monitor ten meters from it. For half an hour the mysterious spiral then approached the prepare, then moved away from it, after which, abruptly rising up, disappeared. And in one other ten minutes, a horrible explosion of gasoline collected on the railroad monitor was dispersed on the Ulu-Telyak-Asha stretch of the Novosibirsk-Adler and Adler-Novosibirsk trains. 

    Circles, traces, shapes

    Often, eyewitnesses affiliate the emergence of UFOs and the tragedy that adopted after the occasion. Nevertheless, in a variety of circumstances, the indicators given by area aliens pose Utopian perplexities, which, realizing the long-term prospect of their execution, would not have the chance to unravel the warning. 
    Such indicators embrace the traces found within the spring of 1990 on the backside of the Aral Sea and alongside its coast, with traces as much as 15 meters lengthy and as much as 1500 meters lengthy, directed from the south to the north and having a clearly synthetic origin. 

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    Aral traces are just like the Nazca line 

    Scientists-enthusiasts, who studied them for three years, got here to the conclusion that the extent of improvement of terrestrial applied sciences wouldn’t enable an individual to symbolize such indicators. As well as, it was discovered that the discovered geoglyphs have a strict mathematical dependence on geographical coordinates – latitude and longitude, which prompted scientists to consider the presence of some hidden cipher within the traces, presumably containing essential data for earthlings. 

    The truth that the world well-known drawings of the Nazca desert even have extraterrestrial origin, in 2002, German scientists concluded. 

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    Specifically, the mathematician and astronomer M. Reiche declared: the enormous figures of Naski are the hint of the “drawing” ray, and the desert itself is an unimaginable drafting board, through which the mathematical mannequin of the Universe is graphically represented. Two years later, in reference to the announcement of Z. Sitchin concerning the alleged contact of the Earth with the mysterious planet Nibiru, Western scientists recommended that 1000’s of years in the past within the Nazca desert, aliens encrypted the algorithm of the actions of the inhabitants of the Earth within the anticipated state of affairs … 

    Probably the most broadly mentioned within the press and scientific circles are figures mysteriously rising over the previous 4 a long time on the fields within the UK, USA, Austria, Hungary and Ukraine. Their configuration and dimension amaze with their range, inflicting lots of controversy as to the aim of those mysterious indicators.

    Going to contact

    Very fascinating data on uncommon figures within the fields is contained within the guide “The Coming of Thane” by the American writer-contactee Martin Raili, launched in 1995. At dwelling, Rayleigh is thought for the truth that, based on him, for the reason that age of seven, he’s speaking with an alien named Tan who lives on the planet Bayev within the constellation of Taurus. 

    Based on the knowledge of the alien customer, the pictures inflicting nice resonance within the society are created by representatives of their civilization. With their assist residents of Bayeve attempt to warn Earthlings from contacts with reptilo-humanoid from the constellation Pleiades, which within the cosmic neighborhood are known as taragami. Specifically, that is evidenced by the enormous determine of a humanlike creature with giant slanting eyes and complex figures inside, appeared on the wheat discipline within the county of Hampshire in Nice Britain, made lots of noise in 1993. In the event you decipher it verbatim, you will get the next phrase: “Be afraid of those that convey false items and their damaged guarantees.We oppose lies and deceit “… 

    A complete collection of telepathic contacts with representatives of the planet Aumt, unknown to the trendy astronomers of the constellation Trigava, between 2004 and 2007, occurred within the American journalist Linda Howe. Based on her, Aumtyans warned that they arrived on the planet of individuals on directions from the Supreme management to organize a large-scale rescue operation. 

    The sign of its starting for mankind needs to be the mass arrival of rescue modules to the Earth, the variety of which will probably be estimated at tons of of 1000’s … 

    In March 2012, the Web appeared a curious message from the Rostov blogger who claimed to have eliminated tons of of invisible ball-shaped objects, the scale of a tennis ball, that, rising from behind a cloud, actually veiled the roofs of homes and energy traces in a small village close to Rostov . How one can know, maybe, this phenomenon is the start of the rescue operation promised in the course of the 2 thousand years … 

    Area warnings

    Since 1957, when humanity started to grasp close to area, there may be lots of proof of elevated consideration of representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence to the area objects of earthlings. The key archives of the us include data that solely the launch of the primary synthetic Earth satellite tv for pc, held on October 4, 1957, handed with none excesses. 

    A month later, the Soviet “Sputnik-2” all through its flight was accompanied by a mysterious object, which was recorded by home and Venezuelan telescopes. In 1964, Argentine astronomers had been in a position to see how an enormous plane at an altitude of greater than a thousand kilometers made harmful maneuvers across the American satellite tv for pc Echo-2, as if making an attempt to ram it. Many astounding warning indicators had been acquired by astronauts in the course of the US implementation of this system for the event of the moon. Regardless of the profitable official flights of ships to the Earth satellite tv for pc, in 1972, NASA, with none clarification, curtailed this system, which price the US taxpayers colossal monetary prices. 

    Most of the Soviet and Russian cosmonauts admitted that not solely the unusual objects that accompanied the ships had been seen via the portholes, but in addition heard mysterious sounds, just like a knock and whisper. An unknown voice started to say that the earthlings left their cozy cradle too early and rushed into the massive and harmful world of area … 

    Maybe, in current occasions the Supreme Intelligence, which has been intently watching our improvement all through the historical past of mankind, has intensified its makes an attempt to warn in opposition to people who find themselves rash acts, whose pleasure and extreme confidence of their talents threaten to disrupt the concord of the universe. 

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